[Fixed] Serpentine Pauldrons Poison

I know we discussed the “permanent” vs turn based effects of the Channel spells. At that time it was determined that it was working as intended, but since then they have been changed to turn based effects. That was a great change since the permanent effects were overwriting the turn-based stacks and preventing the +% damage modifiers on the new spells.

The last remnant (that I have found) appears to be the effect on the serpentine pauldrons. That item still applies a permanent poison effect with no turn counter. Can you have the team evaluate the item?

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Thank you for catching this issue about the Serpentine Pauldrons!

The Serpentine Pauldrons should not be applying the poison effect permanently and it should be applying only for a predetermined number of turns.

The development team are working on a fix. :slight_smile:

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Letting you guys know this issue is now fixed in the current version build!

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