Poison Spray spell text needs minor editing

Minor edit: The extra text for the spell mentions “Characters inflicted with poison take 25%…”
This spell doesn’t inflict poison it does wither so that bit of the text shouldn’t be there to be consistent with other spells.

I use this spell all the time in PvP and it does inflict both poison and wither status on the target. It has been this way since all the way back at the start of Early Access.

See following screengrabs taken today.


Damage text for the spell should read as:

“Deal X damage as poison, and then poison and wither the enemy for Y turns.”

Status effect descriptive text is correct as written, at least for how the spell currently functions.

That’s a bit more of an important fix. I had no idea that spell could poison the enemy as well.

Hey all,

I’ve shared this suggestion with the team! :sparkles:

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