[Fixed] Toragon RNG appears flawed

I’ve had both in the past few days (streaks of pauldrons and a good mix), though I haven’t had much ore to experiment with. The streaks aren’t consistent every time I craft, but often enough to be obvious. It makes sense with what @Kafka said, the RNG itself doesn’t appear to be broken, but something else is affecting how it’s applied, and that sometimes is.

@Kafka Just to satisfy my sense of propriety, can we either move this thread to an [Investigating] bug report, or start a new thread there about the streaks, since the team appears to agree there’s something wonky going on? I just don’t want it to get lost in the “suggestions” bin.

@Kafka and can we also check whether seasonal caches are affected too? The only difference between the cache and the followers is the picture icon - otherwise, functionally they are identical and could therefore be affected by the same bug. My personal experience would suggest that’s the case.

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One more example for you to check. Top 17 items are consecutive pulls.


Hey everyone,

Thanks for sharing these most recent examples. Hoping to have some more information about this today!

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Sorry to be a pest, but can we please move this thread out of game ideas and into bugs?


Thanks for your patience everyone!
We have found is that crating with followers so Gemka, Toragon and Soulchaser, the initial random seed was not being set correctly which is why many of you saw a streak of duplicate items, which in turn led to further crafting to not be a random array of items.

A fix for this is being released (if it hasn’t already before I finish posting this).

In regards to concerns about caches, this is something we are also going to look into further after this fix has been released, but can confirm in the meantime it is not using the same formula the crafting Followers were.

Appreciate everyone’s patience and sharing your examples!

ps. just wanted to post this before I changed the thread title, in case the information I got back magically a whole different situation!


Thank you for following this up and getting to the bottom of it

Any chance we can have some ore/resources back please?

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Thank you so much for looking deeper into this and finding a solution! Hopefully I can crazy something other than red serpentine pauldrons now. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

It would be lovely to get some sort of goodwill compensation for all the resources we wasted on this issue. I recognize it’s not likely, but can’t hurt to ask, right? :innocent:


We’re not crazy, well, we are, but… We did it everybody!


I was not affected by this but I’m happy to see that the problem was discovered and rectified.
Thanks to those who kept posting their bad RNG results and thanks for the PQ devs for finding the bug and solution.

I think it would be fair for those that did lots of crafting to prove a point to get some sort of in-game reward to replace the resources they used.


Thank you for fixing the problem. I just tested another 10 pulls on Gemka and 10 pulls on Soulchaser. Everything looks normal. :slight_smile:

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Thank you, @Jeto!! :grinning:

Hey! We are working on compensation for this, once I get more information I’ll post again as always.


Thanks Jeto, this is pleasing news

Any update on the Seasons Cache RNG?
As someone who has 0 season legendary items from caches it would be nice to know if that was just random chance or if there was more too it

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@Mythos do you have any idea/approximation of how much seasonal currency you’ve spent on caches?

I’ve had a couple of season Platinum passes - checking relics I’ve had it 2 times
So over the months I’ve opened more than a few ultimate caches, but probably not as many as some

Out of 7 crafting attempts I’ve got 2x Elven bows, 2x Firewalker Spears and 3x Jeweled Orbs. Still doesn’t look like a true random.
I’ve used this 2nd crafting option for Soulchaser (craft weapon or shield):


I agree with @tau, I don’t think the bug is fixed. I only had enough ore to craft five times, but I ended up with three warlord’s battle-axe.

Between this and chests running streaks of the same items and people’s bad luck with event chests, something wonky still seems to be going on.


Very humorous compensation message, gave me a good chuckle.