Galaxy Flip/Fold vs. PQ3 vs. Galaxy S22 Ultra

Hi everyone.

According to the topic I am asking for some advice from players with PQ3 gaming experiences with the Galaxy Flip/Fold series.

Atm I am using a Galaxy S8+ but was able to check out the Fold in the store some time ago. Maybe just a bit too careful because of the “folding line” and its handling to match gems on the board. Does it work as it should or are there difficulties? What is a better choice? Pen or fingers?

Or are there too much problems the main advice is just to switch to a S22 Ultra to avoid all these?

Thank you all in advance for your opinions.

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I think finger always will be faster than pen or mouse at PC. This is one of the main reasons for me to use mobile phone.
And as you may know speed of combination has a high impact at this game.

I can’t speak to the fold, but recently switched from an s10+ to an s22 ultra and actually love using the pen on it.

I have had no issues so far and maybe a neglible slow down but the pen is so good and causes less hand strain long term.

Egara, Marin,

thank you both for sharing your suggestions and experiences. I am too scared using a fold type just because of the folding spot / line when the game is able to use both halfs of the screen and this part causes issues with matching gems.

For sure I am going to try both ways to decide what is better for me, fingers or pen. Time is definitely running out, my S8+ is right before dying.

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I use a Flip 4 (and a 3 before that) and the fold area is fine. I do not feel like I have any issues with the line in the middle, and you only notice it when you drag your finger over it. When I am playing I do not think about it at all.