[NOT A BUG] Can no longer split screen app on android

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Android - Samsung S21 Ultra

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Can no longer use the split screen function on the Puzzle Quest 3 app to have it on half the screen and another app open on the other half (Split screen functionality still working on phone for other apps - but PQ3 does not have the option to “open in split screen view” when selected first and the app is missing from the list of possible apps to select for the second split screen if another app is split screened first)

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Just noticed it today - it used to option

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Let me know if a screenshot is needed


Due to Unity recently being upgraded in 0.38, we believe this removed the ability to have PQ3 playable in ‘split screen’ or a windowed mode.

Playing windowed is not a feature we currently support in Early Access, which is why it is not in the in game graphic options.

But has been shared with the development team, to look into what options are available!

Again, this isn’t a feature we have a removed, but is not a feature of the version of Unity we are using in .38

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

I’m also a big fan of split screens as I’m always multi-tasking.

I confirm I can still use the split screen in PQ3. Although, that might be because I activated the option before in the devs option of my phone to force any app to allow split screen even if not supported by the app itself. (I had to previously activate it for another game a few months ago).

With the size of PQ3 board (compared to GoW board for example) I like to play in portrait mode. I find it more confortable for my small fingers in a world where phone screens are constantly getting bigger. Hopefully it can become a feature in the future.