GUI Update List

  1. Could the “Turn Ended” prompt be made less intrusive/obstructive? There is plenty of room to cut off the excess 33% of box length and offset its position so it is not obscuring the player/board.

  2. Also, as mentioned elsewhere, why not make it an “End Turn?” button in case you still have spells to cast?

  1. Block and Masteries need a tool tip like spells and items have. I’m over halfway through the game, almost level 40, and still have no idea how either work or exactly how the math factors into combat.

  2. From doing versus, the minions you equip clearly have spells with colors and values associated. Why can we see these when we select minions? Sure, there is a description of what they do, but if one minion spell will be up for only, say, 120 instead of 150 mana, I’m more likely to select that, but I can only find out that information after the fact from encountering opponents with such minions equipped.
    This is… silly…

  3. Also, if there are colors that will fill up those spells faster, it would be nice to know which ones, explicitly. If not, why? There’s so much more that could be done with minions to make versus so much less… stale.


Hey there again @Maur

Thanks for shearing your feedback and suggestions of how to improve the Puzzle Quest 3 UI. I’ll sent this through to the Dev Team to see what they can consider.

n regards to your 5th point, the Mana that is needed to fill the Minion’s spell is the highest Mastery colour for the Hero.

If this is what you meant do you have any suggestions on how we can better surface this information in the game? I’ll pass any feedback about it onto the team.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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2: why was this not implemented

3: Well you see, (3 calculus equations, some gerrymandering of local territories and the purchase of exactly 100 cuttlefishes’ worth of horse dewormer later) and that’s how block is calculated.

4: Agreed, make it easy to see which minions do what.

5: This question is why spells are color coded.

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So the amount of a spell is always tied to hero level? So, for example, if a hero has two minions, and the first spell costs 180 to fill, as long as he remains at that level, any minion he equips, both spells, will fill at 180?

If so, I would first say, that’s very underwhelming. Some spells are definitely better than others. If it takes the same amount to cast a spell that just converts gems as one that does damage, there’s no reason to choose cheap convenience spells.

Like, there are minions I literally never equip because their abilities are not as good or inferior, whereas if they were cheaper to cast than other minion spells, they’d be worth considering.

Regardless, whatever that number is that will show up, the tip that shows up should literally show the same information that is seen as when the player clicks the menu button in the fight.

Also, is this meant to be a handicap to make higher level heroes easier to fight?

Equipping minions, atleast in the current version of the game, appears to do very little.

Minion level seems to be the most important factor, as for each level you gain +0.1% power and vitality. Doesn’t matter their colour, ability or rarity. Having an Epic L15 minion is better for opening chests because it’s stats are higher, but for PVP an Uncommon, Rare or Epic L15 minion appear to still give only the same amount of benefit.

What spells they have are seemingly only relevant to defending in PVP, and since we never defend… those abilities seem to do nothing. Maybe inconvenience other players if they happen to get us as opponents, but that’s not something we ever get to see or see any repercussions from it.

As for charging up a minion’s ability I’m a little confused about this:

If I’m a Paladin yellow is likely to be my highest mastery colour. If I equip a red minion, it will charge on red matches, a yellow minion on yellow matches, but the total amount is determined by my “highest master colour for the hero” Yellow.
Mono colour spell builds are currently strongest, which also encourages mono colour armour sets. I see a Paladin in my Kingdom with a Yellow mastery over 600. Do they need to make 600 points from matches to trigger a minion spell?
Is the minions ability scaling with this to warrant such a massive and unlikely casting cost?

I actually wonder about this as well. Is Tourney bugged? It never shows any “Defenses” for my hero. Has no one really encountered or fought him?

If so, I assume at some point it is meant to work, and that defenses will factor in… somehow. For which, then the current Minion “defense” setup would need to tweaked and made clear.

@PowerPlay Sure, the color coding is something, but it’s not explicit and sometimes I can’t tell if a spell is blue or green (and imagine if someone is color blind).

Also, could still add a triangle system to minions as well, so that a certain color gives more mana, another less, a 3rd does more dmg, heck, can even add a 4th that does less damage… there’s no reason to be limited by (lack of) imagination.

Unless of course this would be too difficult to code? I have to assume this must be part of the problem and why enemies just alternate the same two abilities instead of powering multiple (variant) spells simultaneously…

This is needed. It doesn’t make sense to penalize the player just because the random generation of gems doesn’t allow for a match to be made. If the player has already banked enough mana to cast a spell, they should be able to cast that spell instead of having a forced loss of turn.

I agree.

I agree. I find this annoying as well.

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After checking this again, there are definitely different mana costs per spell. One was like 120 and the other one was 180. So if it doesn’t appear to be locked to simply the highest mastery. It might be tied to whatever your mastery is for that color, but even then, I don’t understand what the conversion/correlation is?

Hey there,

I think we’ve gotten confused here as and were talking about 2 different things. My answer was about the colour which is in response to your original question and not about the amount of mana needed to fill the minions spell.

As I mentioned before I’ve passed on your feedback about surfacing the Mana colour and cost for the Minion spells better in game.

I was asking if you had any preferences on how you would like this information to be presented in-game so I can include this in my feedback to the Dev Team.

Sorry for any confusion caused.

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective:

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Okay, so the color mana that will fill both Minion’s spells is whatever the highest mastery of the Hero is?

F.E. If a opponent’s Hero’s highest mastery is red, and their minions are blue and green, then matching red - not blue or green - is what will fill those spells with mana?

If so, this definitely needs to be made clear somewhere in the Tourney when assigning Minions. (I’m not sure if this is a good system, by the way)

As for how the info should be presented, just have it work like spells do, when you click on them, it opens the info prompt for the spell, showing the mana cost, ability, description, etc. – instead of just the small blurb at the bottom.

This could go in addition to how it is now, or replace that blurb with info about how minions apply to tourneys, or even have an arrow for more info like how gear is currently designed.

There’s multiple ways to tackle this, the information just has to be made available somewhere other than when looking at your opponents details in a fight.

That is correct.

Thank you for your patience and really appropriate all the feedback given on this. I’ll add this to my report and pass it to the Dev Team :slight_smile:

OminousGMan - Support Human :male_detective: