Idea: Change story rewards limitation from class-limited to character-limited

Each class has two characters and two associated mana masteries. With this, players can theoretically build each character around one mastery or the other - for example, if a player has both the “lizard” and “cat” mercenaries, they can build one character around fire and the other around poison. This is particularly relevant now that we have available skins for both masteries.

However, there’s a problem. While leveling up one character in story mode, players are rewarded with shards and gems after winning each chapter. However, if a player decides to play through the game again with the second character, players get nothing but almost almost-useless gold after winning each chapter. Thus, the second time going through the story provides almost no material value for the player - not experience toward citadel, not gems, not shards… almost nothing. While I suppose I understand the reasoning for limiting rewards to the first run through the story, could we change the rewards to be character-limited instead of class-limited? For example:

  1. Play the story as lizard merc for the first time… get rewards.
  2. Play the story as lizard merc again… get no rewards.
  3. Next, play the story as cat merc… get rewards, because it’s the first time as cat merc.