Why are normal chapters character-specific?

I find it odd that the normal and seasonal chapters don’t match up; the main chapters all have to be done by each new character, whereas in the extension of the story (seasonal chapters) characters can be swapped infinitely.

Shouldn’t each character have it’s own seasonal playthrough?

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Cause you need content to start with a new class or hero … but when you come to seasons … the char normally is 50.
Guess thats the reason.

But each new class-type playthrough gives you duplicated rewards (gems etc.) so why not the same for the ancient coins?

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Well, guess cause Dev did not wanted us to have so much ancient coins to be spent for old season rewards … but tbh, I dont know.
Only Dev knows.

(edit: ok, dont forget, you can play through them 3 times on diffrent difficulties and get ancient coins, so maybe thats the reason why you cant do it again with every class)

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