Story mode replay

Hi im playing the game on console and there is no way to replay chapter 1 after progressesing to chapter 2?

If you make a second hero you can replay the Story or play through Story battles in Skirmish mode.

I read somewhere that you can create a second hero and once you’ve completed chapter 1 you can keep replaying the dungeon boss i guess they removed this. Thanks for the reply

You cannot replay main story with a given character, but you can replay story from archive seasons.

Are you looking for “Battles → Dungeons” ? (You can scroll to the right)
There you can replay each chapter’s dungeon for the loot (but less xp).

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Thats great thanks for the help everyone, i just wanted to be able to complete dungeon bosses much easier so i can get diamond chests. With my main it was hard to complete and most of the time i was being rewarded low tier chests.