[Reported] Can't replay adventure (other than the 1st battle)

I completed the adventure on ultimate difficulty in 2 days and decided to do it again on what is now the 3rd day to pick up some extra runes. I decided to cruise through it on the lowest difficulty to save some time. Unfortunately every time I complete the first battle the adventure goes nowhere and I need to do the same battle again… and again. Each time it takes another energy but goes nowhere.
The video is a bit long so skip through it to see me doing the same battle again and again.
Edit: in the video I tried changing difficulty, which I can’t.
Not in the video, I also I tried changing characters. Which has no effect on what happens.

Other players are having the same issue according to the in-game chat. However, it does not affect everyone, I have been able to do the adventure without problems (I chose the Champion difficulty both times).

The team were way ahead of me with this one! A fix has already been made, just a matter of pushing it through to live which should hopefully be ASAP.

Glad to hear that. I also faced the same problem (2nd play-through did not advance, the adventure was marked as “100% completed” in the main screen overview and showed a small percentage of completion in the adventure screen). I’ll try again with the next replayable adventure :wink: