Inconsistency in Relic “names”?

I didn’t really know where to post this question so apologies if this is in the incorrect place, but what are the real names for the relics as there seems to be some inconsistency? Are they “Major, Greater and Lesser” or “Legendary, Epic and Rare”?

The “real” names should be legendary, epic and rare. Major, greater and lesser are probably old names that haven’t been replaced in some places.


@HigureTheStillWind thank you. I wasn’t sure if the “lesser” (etc) titles were becoming retired or newly introduced.

They are old names from a time when there was lower rarity relics for each set below Mythic. So, a Major Relic was a random Legendary set relic, Greater Relic = random Epic set relic, and Lesser = Rare.

It was a royal pain to ascend anything to a higher rarity in those days.