Introduce yourself

Hello Questers!

If you feel comfortable, I thought it would be a nice idea to introduce ourselves here so we can get to know who we’re talking with here on the forums :slight_smile:

Feel free to tell us anything you want but if you need a prompt:

Where you’re from:
Played Puzzle Quest before?
Favourite Marvel character:

I’ll go first!

I’m Kafka, I’m an Aussie and I’m one of the team members here at Infinity Plus Two, the developers of Puzzle Quest 3.
My job title is Customer Experience Manager or CX human for short.
TLDR version of my job description: You’ll see me around in the community a lot.

I’ve been working here since 2017, I’m a new comer to Puzzle Quest to be honest!

I’ve been accused of being a hardcore gamer. I play everything from match 3, FPS, RTS, RPGs…all the 3 letter acronyms.

Other things I do in my spare time are: art, playing my bass guitar and piano, reading and hanging out with my dogs.

Favourite Marvel character is Deadpool :unicorn:

I’m looking forward to hanging out with you in the community and getting to know you all :slight_smile:


Hello Puzzle Questers!

I’m Hawx, I’m one of the testers for Puzzle Quest and Gems of War. I’m usually found hunting game bugs or making content for the community along with my other half, the very talented bot developer @Gary

I’m British by birth, although I lived in Australia for a long time and now I’m back in England again. :spider::no_entry_sign:

This is my first Puzzle Quest adventure (although I did play in Early Access and in Testing) so I’m here learning with you all.

My hobbies are motorbike racing, gaming, telling my dog he’s the cutest, watching supernatural/ mythical TV shows and being creative. I also love love love memes.

my favourite Marvel characters are Deadpool and Star-Lord. Not against a bit of Thor and Loki too!


Hello fellow players,

I’m Gary, German, and also one of the testers for Puzzle Quest 3 (unfortunately I never played any of the others before), and a heavy Gems of War player. I’m usually lurking around with my muse, love, and wild queen @Hawx, who inspires me to do Discord bots, graphic guides, and memes :slight_smile:

Apart from my pretty calm life, I’m a rollercoaster addict :roller_coaster:

Looking forward seeing you around :slight_smile:


Greetings Puzzle Questers,

Sibelios here, kingdom lead of Throne of Odin. I’m an American currently residing in Phoenix, Arizona. I work with numbers and my favorite computer program is Excel :smile: :chart_with_upwards_trend:

I’m a long-time match-3 player (and tons of other games beside) and I’ve played all the Puzzle Quest games to date. My favorite will always be Challenge of the Warlords because it was (and still is in many ways!) the perfect mix of gem matching and RPG mechanics.

I’m an avid reader of mysteries as well as a fan of whodunit tv shows. I’m also a big fan of sci-fi favorites like Star Trek, SG-1, and most recently I’m in love with The Expanse.

I love spending time at the dog park and elsewhere with my best friend, Finley, a lovable rat terrier mix who has never seen a cat that he did not want to chase:


Hello everyone,
Veccco,Croatia,DVM,currently recovering from a kidney transplant so have every time of the world.
Tolkien fan,gamer(prefer rpg and one very old game Hidden and dangerous 2).
Proud owner of crazy mini Bull Terrier.


Hello all,

My handle here is Lyrian and I am a very long-time veteran and beta tester for both Gems of War and PQ3.

I’ve played all of the games in the PQ series and have even completed the dreaded Galactrix.

When not shouldering the burdens of modern civilization, I like hiking and playing RPGs. Once upon at time, I was a tabletop DM for multiple gaming systems. But that was another lifetime ago.

I tend to post on the forums here frequent in attempts to be helpful to others. However, sometimes I tend to overthink and overexplain things which can end up being intimidating to others. Also, I may or may not be among the world’s worst abusers of “air quotes” in forum posts. According to Lyranica (the alias in which I refer to my better half), I’m old enough now to be perhaps just a half-step away from telling others to “get off my (virtual) lawn”.

ProTip: Don’t become old. :stuck_out_tongue:

See everyone around on the forums!


Hello all,

My name is Redi. I have played GoW for years but I am new to PQ3.

I enjoy short walks, naps, and caffeine. I have been around on the internet for about 30 years playing various games.

I look forward to playing with you all.



I wanna get in on this too. I’m Jeto, your support human :woman_mage:t2:
Getting close to my first year at IP2 :sparkles:

Outside of work, I love playing indie games, doing little personal streams of those indie games, playing my Bard, Belbrix, in Dungeons & Dragons and going out for brunch.


Heya PQ3!

I’m Tresk. I’m from the US, born on the shores of the Great Lake Erie in the great state of Ohio. I love corn and fresh water hahaha. But seriously…

I played OG Puzzle Quest. It was my first real mobile game, way back. Loved it! That experience led me to GoW, which I have enjoyed for years. I never tried the PQ2.

I sing and play guitar, bass guitar, uke, sax, clarinet (It’s a thing! lol), flute (spoiler … nope I suck!) and I dabble on Cojon (nope nope, HIDE!) I will read just about anything someone will write down, but I have special affection for Stephen King.

I am a long time proud Dog-mom. My current babies are Cricket and Murphy. Two gorgeous and also freakishly huge boxers.

No comment on the Marvel thing. Not my circus, not my monkeys.

I’m retired now but my work life was in CS, PR and social media.

Happy launch!


My name is Blaster. I am a long-time expert match-3 player and also one of the testers for Puzzle Quest 3. I also play other games, mainly the MOBA genre, the RPG genre and the strategy genre.

I am an Australian. I was born in Greece before going to Jordan and before living in Australia.

I played all Puzzle Quest games to date before, mostly on Puzzle Quest 2 and completed Adventure Mode with all four classes.

My hobbies are gaming, doing chores, reading books, watching TV, doing design art, and lastly, doing much exercise.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pets.

My favourite Marvel Character is Iron Man. His gadgets, his mark types, they are all spectacular. It was sad for him to sacrifice his life, though. My other favourite is Captain Marvel.

I look forward to meeting all of you on the forums! Happy Launch Day!


Hello, everyone!

1000Faces here, - 1000 Faces because I’m a forever DM and am constantly changing NPC roles, races, accents, etc, to provide my fellow Players with a (hopefully) unique experience.

As my wifes dad would say, I sound like I’m from nowhere. Which makes a lot of sense - Wyoming.

PQ 1 champ, PQ 2 taster, MPQ addict, MTG PQ weekend warrior, PQ3 B+ Player.

Hobbies include low level assembly programming, Skateboarding, Basketball, low level RPG run throughs, darts, but most importantly, raising 4 kids.

Pets: 1 Sister in law, 2 dogs, 3 cats, 4 kids.

Favorite Marvel Character is so hard…Id have to go with Magneto, because he is a good metaphor of the Evil vs Good conflict in every one of us, and Shuma Gorath, because he is a Superman that can actually be beaten, even though he shouldn’t be…

Just decided to join the Forums because Kafka/Kefka is my most hated and loved Villain of all time, and I’d like to post my feelings on a game that has an incredible potential


Hi all,

RubiconX here. Nickname is over 30 years old now. Used to be just Rubicon, but as the Internet got crowded, the name became harder to grab. “Once you cross the Rubicon, there is no way back” :slight_smile:

Born in England, UK. Have travelled the world. Have run I.T. Businesses in the US, with offices in Naples FL, New York, Washington, Seattle and Huntington WV. Once had to fly to US 15 times in a single year. That was a seriously jet-lagged year!

Played all previous PQ versions, and many variants. Been here for a while playing the EA version. Suffered with everyone else due to the useless levels of communication. The game has a lot of potential, but it’s looking more like a short-term cash generator than a long-term addiction at the moment.

I’m an I.T. Consultant. My company recently celebrated 21 years in business. Guess I must be doing something right. Means I have access to a lot of equipment and time. As I’m never sure when the phone will ring, I have a tendancy to play games that can be left mid-play. I also prefer games on my phone or tablet, so when I’m waiting for a client, or software install, I can keep myself occupied :slight_smile:

Main hobby, after I.T., is reading. Currently reading a lot of LitRPG stuff, although I’ll read most subject matter. I much prefer fiction to non-fiction. Also love watching films. For the record, my favourite Marvel character is Deadpool. His humour is so ‘me’!

No pets at the moment. Over last four years my three chocolate labradors all died of various illnesses. They were 16, 12 and 10. Haven’t felt ready to replace them yet. Also had a horse until about 3 years ago, but wasn’t riding as much so gave her to a local riding stable. Now she’s spoilt by all the young kids and she’s loving it!

Wow, that went on longer than expected :wink:



I’m Malib. I live in Poland and work as a DevOps (IT stuff).

I love rpgs and logic games. I played Puzzle Quest many times, finished 6 or 7. Played Puzzle Quest 2, in September started PQ3. I was so dissapointed that PQ3 does not have +100 XP from Heroic Effort!!!
I do not use social media and I do not watch tv. I like playing board games with friends and take on sewing as a hobby.

I have a huge fish tank and a corgi dog :smiley:

Nice to meet you!