[Investigating] Season archive 1.1 Mines of Khazdul doesn't give Khazduli gear

I made a dungeon battle under season archive - 1.1 Mines of Khazdul on level 100:
I got a diamond chest where the gear was a flametree thorn level 1.
I expected to get Khazduli gear!

Thats interesting. I’m also farming level 100 dungeon, got a few khazduli pieces so far, no flametree drops.
Do you also have access to 1.2 season archive? Maybe it can affect the loot somehow.

I finished season 1.2 on Elite and I am doing battles there too.
The gear I got there was all flametree type.

I have exclusively run Season 1.1 (Mines) for the daily ancient coins and I have only received Khazdhuli loot in chests

So far I have only recieved Khazdul loot from 1.1.

Hey @Egara

Would you be able to grab a screenshot the next time you complete a 1.1 battle but don’t receive Khazduli items?

Seeing as others have not been affected by this so far and when testing myself I also only receive Khazduli items.

I will do. But with the limitation of 30 ancient coins It will take 2 / 4 or 7 days for one cache and then there will be low chance to get gear from this cache.
Means you cannot expect answer in reasonable time from me except you change my coin limit for testing.