Level 50 maxed followers still drop their upgrading crystal

It was just confirmed that Eveline still drops the upgrading crystal for maxed level 50 followers in her random crystal drop table, even though they are maxed and the crystal will do nothing for it. It has yet to be confirmed for chests, but I am pretty sure chests also have this issue.

There should be a feature where Eveline and chests don’t drop the upgrading crystal for maxed level 50 followers as they will just become dead currencies.

This will ensure once a person has every follower at level 50, they will no longer get the dead currency crystals.


Been keeping track of Eveline’s crystal drop rate since version 0.35 and it would appear she drops 1 crystal every 20-30 uses, at least at level 50. Not sure if level effects it since most people are very high leveled Eveline.

Assuming they fix the game so that followers that are level 50 max stop dropping their crystal, a player that uses 100% of their ore to run Eveline and yield 1 crystal every 2 days will have all followers completed after 1,050 days, which is around 3 years. To put this into perspective, the previous system with glyphs would have taken only 2 years to do the game. This also assumes they add the ability to NOT get repeat crystals of maxed followers, which currently is NOT a feature. This means the current system is WORSE than before for maxing all followers.

This is due to 525 crystals currently being missing from side quests in order to max all followers. While chests will also drop some on occasion, the current follower economy in its current state with repeat crystal drops could take upwards of 3 years, an increase of over a year compared to the previous system.

This also poses a new issue to the game, in that 100% of ore has to be used on Eveline for around 3 years in the current state of the game, making ore nothing more than a “keep Eveline crafting” resource.

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Wait, to clarify: Does Eveline have a chance to drop Crystals when you use ores to craft with her? Does every follower have a chance to drop Crystals when you use ores?

From Eveline crafting only; I have gotten an Adhakus and a Grungli crystal from her so far

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Rather interesting that it mentions “small chance” from Eveline, as in the current state of the game more than half of all crystals come directly from her. Eveline over the course of what is needed to max all followers would have produced more than all side quests combined.

She is the primary method, but it isn’t mentioned as such.

Only Eveline, but it would likely be only Eveline regardless of if every crafter made them or not due to level of follower potentially effecting the drop chance. This is due to it taking around a year for another crafter to reach level 50 (Toragon), and even if both were level 50 probably best just to stick with Eveline.

The ruby/diamond keys off Eveline also get an additional chance for it too.

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Just got an Eveline crystal as a drop from my Level 50 Mythic Eveline craft. So after nearly 150 crafts since Eveline hitting 45+ Mythic, I have gotten 4 crystals, and 1 is an Eveline which is dead currency to me. Please heed the recommendation to prohibit Eveline from dropping crystals that are associated with a maxed 50 follower.

Just updating this thread with the fact that the daily challenges ALSO can drop a follower crystal for someone who is maxed.

Just got an Eveline crystal from a challenge despite having a level 50 Eveline.

Apparently this thread was ignored between the two versions.


Seems a lot of really valid and critical feedback is being straight up ignored lately, or is this just developer incompetence now…

Honestly, I think it’s just less of a priority. Yes, it sucks. But since you can still get follower crystals then it isnt something that needs to be addressed ahead of more pressing concerns. They can create the system later that will convert your overflow shards into something else.

This feedback has been passed on, not ignoring it. Kings basically nailed this one on the head.
I’ll be raising this again in my feedback report today, but currently the team are focused on some other features and balancing matters I believe. This is on the feedback list though.