Loot from 100 maxed Eveline drops in 0.35

Since version 0.35, I have been keeping track of every drop that I have gotten from Eveline due to her new found value.

As of version 0.35, it has become substantially easier to max her to level 50 as well as the newly added crystal drop chance every time she crafts.

These changes caused her to become the only crafter worth using until all followers are maxed, with the only main exception being buying the guild ore deal if it isn’t bought out yet.

Here are the results for 100 level 50 Eveline drops:
Wooden: 0*
Iron: 52
Gold: 31
Ruby: 16
Diamond: 1
Crystals: 1**

.* Despite the game still mentioning wooden keys are possible, it would appear a level 50 Eveline has a 0% chance for wooden keys.
** When obtaining a crystal, the key still drops simultaneously with it, which is why there are 101 within the results. Getting a crystal does not stop the key drop.

From what I can tell, Iron Keys make up 50% of the drop table with iron:gold:ruby having a ratio of around 3:2:1 in that for every 3 iron keys you will get around 2 gold and 1 ruby.

This brings the likely percent chances around:
Wooden: 0%
Iron: 50%
Gold: 33%
Ruby: 16%
Diamond: 1%
Crystal: 1%-5%

It is worth mentioning that I have heard based on other peoples’ drops that crystals drop around every 20-30 for some people. From my 100 I only saw 1 crystal, making me assume it has around the same drop rate as a diamond key.

Also worth mentioning crystals currently ARE NOT unique, in that it is possible to get a crystal of a follower you already have maxed in the current state of the game.

If other followers have similar drop tables to Eveline, it is safe to assume every crafter that does legendary equipment has around a 1% chance to create a legend once maxed level 50. In the current state of the game, it is essentially impossible to have a level 50 crafter that isn’t Eveline. Once they do start to become a thing, that is around 1 legendary piece of equipment per week, assuming they were the only crafter used and have a similar drop table percent.


I am closing in on 60 crafts now with Level 50 Eveline: I got those two early crystal drops (Adhakus and Grungli) but have not had any since. In my tracking, my key numbers are just about identical to yours.

@Tacet Same. I have had 2 crystal drops and pretty much in line with key drops and have been running as frequently as I can.
My eveline is currently level 48, but my drop rate that I have documented is very close.

You mention that Eveline is easier to max out, but that is only true if you had already upgraded her past a certain point. I’m stuck at 35 with only 5 of her crystals. Therefore it takes me 3 hours per key, and so far I’ve only seen one crystal. And that was a Mutiny one. There is no chance I’m goiing to get her to 50 before the ‘wonderous’ new crystal gathering method due in 0.36.

All of my followers are food-maxed, with Eveline at 35, 11 others at 25 and 3 at 15.

Adding this upgrade strategy, without any means to get the required resources, was a major planning error. Whoever is managing that part of the project needs more coffee!

Even if you started playing entirely after the server push with the changes to crystals capping at a max of 3 per follower per run through, you could still reach Mythic Level 46 with Eveline. We do not know how common or not these other methods of crystal acquisition are, but hopefully there are sufficient to help bridge the gap on the other followers who do not have as many available crystals to collect as Eveline. Of course we don’t know when those changes are coming and that certainly is a frustration I share.

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I edited the post - the comment was in jest as most people would appreciate, however humour isn’t what it used to be and I sometimes forget!

I was playing for about a month before 0.35 and my Eveline is at 35. I have finished all quests for all followers. I’m not sure why I can’t reach this level 46 you mention, but I can’t. Obviously it must be related to some misfortune of doing some quests before and some after. The levels I’ve mentioned in my original post are correct. I am level 50 and am opening chests at level 100.

For all 5 classes? Or for just one class.

P.S. I removed the quote as well from my original response.

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Ah, I’m being stupid aren’t I!! Geez, OK, I understand. Sometimes it takes a while. I’ve only done the Paladin quests! I need to revisit the other clases. Thanks :blush:


The “need” to play the other classes is definitely something that I think is a design decision worth some criticism. I think for many players they pick a class, play that class, until such time as they gain some interest in the other classes. This “forced” class playthrough is something that I personally am not a fan of and I think will lead to a lot of confusion with future players unless they make it explicit in some sort of tutorial or in-game direction.


There is also no indication that playing another class is a benefit.

It’s also a big change on two fronts as previously running multiple classes provided access to those class spells which would help with early play.

Now that is impossible since spells are class specific and they aren’t gained upon leveling.

It does extend the longevity of the game.

Maybe you could run the game through with diminishing returns with the same class?

I know that I stick with my main character except for finishing up my last 2 class playthroughs


It will not stay with 5 classes. THere is a design either to play through a class again or (more likely) there will be more classes to be rolled out. The achievement does not stop at 5. If increments stay the same it will stop at ten!

I disagree on the benefit part in case of PvP due to loadouts (having an on class color only loadout is helpful for restricted and elite).

And long-term I would not be surprised if the spells got re-restricted. Initially it was on color everything. Now it is on color minions only and on color or no color gear and weapons and any color spell. The any color spell is a huge outlier and oversight in my opinion as it makes no sense for a restricted/elite tourney. While the initial on color specific weapon for elite was insane (15*5 weapons needed to take part every week), changing to any color spell is a bit extreme in the other direction.

And at a reasonable restricted/elite tourney, having each character at 50 would be very beneficial indeed. But hey, “reasonable” is a weird word with many meanings.

And of course as any new game mode could be anything, the anticipated relic game mode could require anything.