Evelyn‘s crystals

I seem to be at a standstill with this game and playing it less and less because I’m stuck at a certain point. All of my gear is stuck at level 35 with the exception of a couple at 45 and my hero is at level 50. Now from what I can tell, I need Evelyn’s crystals in order to have her Craft the proper tier 3 Relics in order to upgrade. I play every single game daily including all of the events, Tourneys etc. evelyn’s crystals seem to be nowhere in sight. I am stuck and cannot beat the last game in season one .2 broken tree because my gear isn’t powerful enough. I spend my marks I buy stuff at the store (well at least the stuff I don’t have to pay for) but still no Evelyn crystals. It’s to the point where I’m pretty much giving up on this game. So where are these elusive Evelyn crystals and how do I get them?

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Are you playing other classes? Each Class storyline playthrough provides 9 Eveline Crystals in total. That’s a total 54 total Eveline Crystals available along with a raft of other gems,shards, and key rewards. You only need 20 Eveline Crystals in total to take Eveline to Legendary (there is no reason to evolve her to Mythic as this time).

Also you can purchase one Eveline Crystal / week for 300 gems from the shop as well.