Eveline’s Crystals

Need more opportunities to get Eveline’s crystals. I’m not able to upgrade or exchange relics especially tier III. Each needs a crystal and I can only get about one a week. Cant evolve my gear at this point.


Actually there is a additional chance in the daily shop offers which enhances when you refresh. Today I had one for 120 crowns.
Anyway on the step to legendary or mythic it is much too less.

About one month ago there was a flash offer with 5 Evelines crystals and some gems which could be bought 3 times.
This was a great idea and should be repeated at not later than 2 months!

By the way, my Evelines crystals are on Zero in the meantime.

I agree! I’m currently limited because I’ve already completed all 6 hero quests in which you can get gem and crystal rewards. Really, this should be expanded to 12 since there are 2 heroes per class. This would give us more opportunities to earn gems and Eveline’s crystals.

I would like more chances to get Evelin crystals or just remove the need to have them to use her for the higher up items. I basically get 1 a week now I’ve completed all the story with all the characters. Maybe once every 2-3 weeks I get a 2nd one per week. It makes upgrading really hard and not much fun to play the game at higher levels.