[Updated] Daily Deal pricing changes

Hello Adventurers,

Today we’ve pushed out some changes to the prices of some things in the Daily Deals.

Thank you to the community for providing feedback about the cost of Eveline’s Crystal, based on that discussion we decided to decrease the cost to bring it in line with the other Follower Crystals and while we were at it we reviewed some other prices and decreased those also!

The changes are as follows:

  • Eveline’s Crystal: 500 → 300 Gems
  • Follower Crystals: 200 → 120 Crowns
  • Tier I Relics had a price decrease of ~10%
  • Tier IV Relics had a price decrease of ~20%

We will also be looking at the price of Eveline’s Crystal in the Bundles section of the Shop later today, so you can expect a decrease there as well.


Good change; looking forward to the once-a-week Crystal being price reduced as well.

So these only show up in Daily Deals less than 1% of all refreshes. A 20% price decrease means that they are still 1,440 Crowns or 3,600 gems. A pretty steep price but one that is rarely able to be considered due to the absolute lack of them appearing for sale. Any chance they could actually show up in Daily Deals more often? I will happily forgo the every refresh appearance of Uncommon Runes and Scrolls.

I would at least like the chance to ponder spending that many gems. although I probably will not.


The bundle price has not yet been adjusted. Her crystal in the Bundles shop just reset and and is still 500 Gems to purchase.

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Bumping and tagging for visibility.

@Jeto, @OminousGMan, @Kafka

Any chance the pricing issue on the Eveline crystal in the Bundle shop will be addressed before the weekend?


I poked at the team again this morning about the Eveline Crystal bundle :sparkles: once I get more information or an answer I’ll report back.

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You called the new price correctly.

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Thanks @Jeto. We understand that the developer and programmers are struggling to change the digit from 5 to 3. Coding is hard!

You all need bigger sticks!


Hey all,

Along with a couple of fixes, that you may have already seen me mention in other threads, the price changes for Eveline’s Crystal Pack and the VIP Follower Pack will be updated before the weekend.

  • Eveline’s Crystal Pack - 500 Gems now 300 Gems
  • VIP Follower Pack - 200 Crowns now 120 Crowns

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


Changes are live.