1.4 Additional Changes and Fixes

We have a few updates to the 1.4 release of PQ3 today. Let’s get the bad news out of the way on the first 2 items, and then the good news to follow up:

  • Tier 1 Relic Crafting Cost Increase: Eveline will now cost 750 Gold (up from 500 Gold) & 150 Ore (up from 75 Ore) to craft these.
  • Tier 2 Relic Crafting Cost Increase: Eveline will now cost 2 Tier 1 Relics (no change), 200 Ore (up from 150 Ore), and 100 Gems (no change) to craft these.
  • Tier 1/2 Relic Shop Price Decrease: To compensate for the changes above, costs of Tier 1 Relics and Tier 2 Relics have been reduced in the Shop and in Daily Deals. Instead of 300 Gems, Tier 1 Relics will now be based off a 150 Gems value (half previous price), and Tier 2 Relics will be based off 500 Gems value (two thirds previous price).
  • Extra Inventory Space: We will be adding 15 extra spaces in the Gear Vault, and 5 extra spaces in the Spells & Minions Vaults.
  • More Eveline’s Crystals in the Shop: They can now be purchased twice a day (previously they were once a week)
  • Purchased Season Skins are Hidden: Skins in the Season 1.4 Rewards tab no longer appear if they’re already owned
  • Missing Skin Text Added: Missing text descriptions for the new Warlock and Necromancer skins have been added
  • Duskside Helm Relics Fixed: It now correctly uses the Fallen Relic to evolve
  • Follower Crafting Goal Fix: Toragon, Soulchaser, and Gemka now correctly count towards the weekly Craft with Followers 5 Times goal.

Why the price changes? This was mostly an oversight on our part. With the removal of the timer we had in 1.3, and the change to single relic types for the first 3 tiers, we simply didn’t calculate the values of the relics correctly. When we looked at what the intended price was supposed to be though, it just felt too high, so we figured we could meet you halfway… a small increase to Eveline, but in exchange for that, a decrease in the shop prices and daily deal prices for you too.


Maybe it’s just me, but it seems that the only players that are going to be hurt by the changes to Eveline are new folks. Anyone playing the game for a while is loaded with t1 and t2 relics. T3, t4 and glyphs are their sticking points.

It seems to me that slowing down gameplay and advancement for new players is counter productive. These are the people you want to advance and get hooked, not be forced to grind to get already very limited ore just to upgrade gear they’re almost certainly not going to use long term.


These changes seem fine to me. Slightly increased Ore and Gold costs which are farmable vs decreased Gem costs, which are not, is a pretty good thing. Also gear is now more targetable by using those relics so you dont just have to run Toragon all day, spending a ton of ore, hoping to get something useful.

Tier 1 and Tier 2 relics have always been extraordinarily overpriced in the shop in terms of Gem cost. Good change.

Easier access to more Eveline Crystals is favorable as well even if the gem cost remains the same.


I honestly don’t understand the Eveline price changes. Meaning, I don’t understand the explanation, really. It doesn’t seem bad? Then again I never craft those.

Extra inventory, great but also a bit like a band-aid on a mortal wound. Still. It’s something.

More Eveline crystals in the shop is automatically a good thing. I’m not hurting for those, but more is better, I’m sure.

Preventing re-buying skins is a great save. As is the fix to follower goals.

I was thinking that too. But maybe newer players don’t use their ore as much? Are they capping, maybe? I don’t know. It’s been too long and too many patched changes.

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Newer players actually have a tough time using up Ore unless they just want to feed Toragon because the next Ore user besides Eveline and Toragon is not until Chapter 7. I often was sitting on max ore with my new account and nothing to do except just run Toragon, which you can do now with no timer but I’d rather get the relics and then go for the specific craft available with Toragon’s first evolve.

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@Kafka & @Jeto Any updates regarding fixing the set-based Steam Exclusive items so that they correctly work with their respective sets (see below)? A couple weeks ago, I recall hearing that it might get fixed soon. Will the 1.4.5 update include a fix?

Yes. That was what I meant when I said “Are they capping?” Because there would not be a lot to spend ore on early. Ore cap is lower for them too, right?

I was personally always hurting for ore in EA. Except during that patch cycle where they doubled it. But that was because of the old kingdom bazaar, not because of crafting.

Now I’m ore starved again, more often. But not because I’m crafting any tier 1 or tier 2 relics.

Thanks a lot for this.

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