LGBTQ+ casual gaymer kingdom?

I haven’t joined a kingdom yet, so I don’t even know what the benefits are, but I also don’t want to join anywhere I’m likely to feel unwelcome. Any queer-friendly kingdoms currently recruiting?

I can honestly say that any kingdom that’ll make you unwelcome is a crappy kingdom. I think, typically, most people in the game are nice folks, and I’ve not seen much bad behavior. I’d suggest joining a kingdom that looks fun and go from there. Otherwise any of the Odin kingdoms are pretty friendly. :grin:


+1 For Odin. Because reasons. But honestly, most kingdoms are concentrating on the game? I’d say join a kingdom. It’s worth it. If it doesn’t feel right? Leave and join another.


The mods of Throne of Odin won’t put up with any aggression towards other members, so while it’s not explicitly LGBTIQ+ friendly, you would be very welcome.

Just want to drop in to encourage you in joining a kingdom. From my personal point of view I have never seen any kind of harrassment against people from the LGBTQ+ community within my time being here.

I haven’t been in contact with literally everyone but all people I have met so far are outstanding personalities I love to talk to. I just could speculate here but it seems that most of them are within their early 30th+ with enough experience NOT to judge other people for what they are or choose to be.

So you should feel free to look out getting in contact with the community in becoming part of a nice virtual home to enjoy the game with others around you :blush:

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