Love the new changes but

New changes are awesome but i see a couple things that should be changed asap… 1st when i sacrifice a item to upgrade rarity say i sacrifice a exalted to upgrade a legendary to a mythic it should not come out as a “mythic” quality… Also when i sacrifice to upgrade quality a exalted needs to give more than a boost of 20 to quality the same as a mythic, divine, or sacred.


This is the way i did too, its more work but it is more rewarding,

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I didnt sacrifice a exalted i use that as an example i sacrificed a unwanted sacred to upgrade a anthrite shield from legendary to mythic it came out “mythic” when i sacrificed a unwanted sacred spear to mythic a d.k. axe it came out divine… My suggestion is if i sacrifice a exalted to make a legendary mythic rarity it should absorb that exalted quality tag. Not talking about attributes talking about changing rarity and upgrading Quality. And as far as quality ive looked at sacrificing all rarity mythics…mythic, divine, sacred and exalted to upgrade the rarity of a exalted mythic i want to immortal every type shows a boost of 20 to quality to sacrifice them.