Refinement-Quality issues

Am I understanding correctly that In order to refine the quality of a mythic item you have to sacrifice another mythic item of that set of a higher quality?

This seems a little absurd for me, especially as I put In the time to farm the Eldritch God set. Now, in order to improve my God Slayer weapon I have to spend on average another 20,000 (430euros in value based on shop price of 50 crowns per 50
Coins) ancient coins to get another God Slayer, which may not be of decent enough quality to even apply?

Even if I get the better mythic result how does it make sense to then upgrade my assumed worse weapon sacrificing this better weapon anyway???

Pleas tell me this is a bug…

This seems a little redonculous to me or am missing something?

No, that is incorrect. You can sacrifice a legendary of the same element and type for quality improvement, cost is 250 aether. You can sacrifice a mythic of the same set for x2 quality improvement, cost is 100 aether. Or you can sacrifice a mythic of the same element and type for x3 quality improvement, cost is 50 aether. The mythic you sacrifice can be of low quality, its all the same, you don’t get a bonus for sacrificing an immortal mythic to raise the rarity of an item.

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So why when trying to use the feature to enhance mythic quality on my gear does it ONLY present items of the same set.

Eldritch god refinement only shows EG set items to sacrifice and I have a good number of Dream walker set which also only allows other mythic of the set to be sacrificed…

What am I doing wrong?

What KenpoKid corrected was you assumption that the sacrificed item has to be of higher quality. You can sacrifice items of whatever quality and won’t affect the outcome.

However, I am afraid that it does require the sacrificed item to be of the same set, which makes special set gear much more difficult to refine quality.

So you are doing nothing wrong, it is just they have decided to put a highly difficult cost to this forge ability, which up to a certain extent it is reasonable since it is one of the most powerful abilities (and something new that didn’t exist before).

I haven’t noticed this aspect, whereabouts is this?