Material finder for crystal fails to jump to dungeon

Steps to reproduce

  1. Open the Tavern
  2. Select the Followers page
  3. Select Eveline
  4. Either:
    • Open “Upgrade”, scroll to an upgrade which requires crystals, and tap a crystal
    • Open “Exchange”, select “Exchange tier II relics for tier III”, and tap a crystal
  5. In the material finder, tap “Chests: There is a small chance to obtain these in Chests from the following location: The Portal of Blood”


I am taken to the main screen.


I should be taken to the dungeons screen, with the Portal of Blood chapter selected.


The jump works correctly for mythic (set) relics, but not for follower crystals.

My understanding is that dungeon chests can contain specific follower crystals depending on the chapter, while skirmish chests can contain random follower crystals. I hope this is correct, as this is my basis for thinking it should jump to the dungeons screen.


iOS 16.3.1 on iPhone 12 mini


Currently it will direct you back to the home screen when selecting Chests from the Material finder, and previously when Chests were located in the Tavern after collecting and storing it would take you there.

I have passed this feedback along to the team to look into what is possible with linking the Chest in material finder to the Dungeons!