May Event Calendar

With 3.0 behind us, let’s look at what is happening across Etheria in May!


29th April – 2nd of May: Rune Hunters

3rd – 12th: Dragonking’s Prize

6th - 10th: To Your Doom

12th – 13th: Wizards Circle

14th – 19th: Unicornucopia

19th – 21st: Gong’s Sushi Surprise

22nd – 26th: Adventure Calling

26th – 29th: The Coin Collector

28th May – 2nd of June: The Saviors Footsteps

Events, Giveaways & Login Rewards:

29th April – 5th of May: Golden Week. Be sure to log in daily to collect your Golden Week rewards, and destroy Light Gems to claim some extra Light gear!

30th of April – The Final chapter of Season 3.0 A Broken Dream unlocks today.

14th of May – 3.0 A Broken Dream, Hard difficulty unlocks

21st of May – 3.0 A Broken Dream, Elite difficulty unlocks

28th of May – 3rd of June: Festival of Saviors event! There will be more information on this soon.


Looks like a nice full month. Great! :smiley: But where is the event everyone is waiting for? You know. The “We are sooo sorry we removed the gear update mechanic. Here is a fix” event. We still need to wait another month? :unamused: :grimacing: :angry:

Signed : Not so proud owner of 10 mythics of which I actually wear/can wear 2,


20% usefulness. Not bad.

I’m at 16% (1 in 6) … well, a second one is useful on very rare occasions. So maybe 20% for me too.

Which means useful mythic drop rate is more like 1 in every 500 level-100 chests.

Getting useful mythics was faster before 3.0 … and a whole lot more fun to boot.

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Looks good. Excited for the end of the season and see what comes next with the gear update. Hoping for great things to come.

I see the adventure “To Your Doom” on the calendar but I don’t see it on any of the lists. Is it also going to be included?

To Your Doom has a weapon glyph you can buy at a discounted gem price, its a decent adventure.

I’m curious, how many Mythics did you have prior to the 3.0 update?

That misses the point for several reasons:

(a) 3.0 both removed the ability to upgrade rarity and shifted glyphs to those horrible hero-specific scrolls … Proper comparand would be to compare old time-to-mythic-without-glyphs.

(b) Under the old system, the mythics you built were the desired mythics, not random drops in random colors. … Thus the proper comparand isn’t total number of mythics, but total number of useful mythics.

(c) The BIG point … the game now is dull and psychologically unrewarding. … Before, there was constant (albeit low-level) positive feedback as you inched desired gear forward. … Granted it was too slow, which I know is part of what 3.0 tried to address. And that was a good motivation. But the “cure” turned out worse than the diesease.

Now the grind isn’t just dull, it’s nearly constant negative-reinforcement, as the drops are completely useless to advancing gear to mythic until you just happen to get one … and then, 80% of that time (at least in 2 cases) it’s not helpful anyway.

That’s a lot of negative feedback. Which isn’t going to help retain customers – especially once they hit “mid game” and are trying to improve their chosen gear sets.


Yes, I know it is cool for the new players, who get high-end gear sooner. … And it’s cool for those grandfathered in with mythic gear sets and 50/50/50 scrolls already in hand.

But it sucks for the vast majority of us … including the newbies who stick around to reach mid-game and realize the insurmountable wall of expense and dull, negative grind that’s been erected between them and future progress.


But, again, even this misses the basic question: Why not have both? Who cares whether you personally like or dislike the new system. Why not make more potential customers happy?

Keep the 3.0 changes, but simply re-introduce an accessible gear-rarity-improving mechanism that will help those new players survive the mid-game doldrums and give them a reason to stick around?

Would certainly be good for PQ3 to attract and keep more customers, especially with the way that 505 is downsizing and financially struggling (at least according to internet reports)


Opinion based argument. I would say its quite the opposite, getting a mythic is very exciting and if anything is constant positive reinforcement. You farm the set you want to farm, which is great and they’re even bringing back gear evolving which is also great.

Things I don’t like is how crafting with aether always seems to be low level mythics. Not sure if this is intended or what? Its fine if it is, but I do think you should at least have a bit more control over what you craft since its a low level mythic (either mythic or divine mythic). The other thing a few of us have been noticing is that we cannot seem to complete a mythic set no matter how hard we try. Again though, I don’t know if this is intended, bad luck, or whatever. But it would be nice to be able to finish the set we’re focusing on. Time will tell though.

(Edit) Oh and the lack of food is really annoying. The devs buffed it, so its better, but its still on the low side and will make you stop farming chests while you recover.

Maybe for you.

For me, the game is nearly constant disappointment and negative reinforcement now, since mythics drop so rarely, and I basically never get anything that helps me out at all.

So that’s negative reinforcement 99 times out off 100.

1 in 100 times it’s a mythic and then, more often than not, that’s a disappointment, because it’s useless to me. … So make it negative reinforcement 499 times out of 500.

And my reaction to a mythic, now is, “meh, whatever”. No sense of accomplishment and feeling good about myself, the way earning a mythic by slowly leveling up a piece used to bring.


I realize things are different for the end-gamers with lots of mythics already, and 50/50/50 scrolls, for whom a random mythic drop is a pleasant but unneeded bonus.

For everybody else, trying to level up gear sets to improve their heroes – or, I should say, hero, since most of us who didn’t get grandfathered in with 50/50/50 scrolls have basically given up on trying to level multiple heroes – it’s just constant discouragement.

I’m far from the only one who’s posted to that effect on forums or in chat.


Regardless, why not have both … random mythic drops, but also the ability to level up gear rarity and build up to a mythic, the way we used to.


I do agree with you, though, on crafting.

Spending aether to make just a random mythic is stupid and pointless. It’s simply another pull of the slot machine lever.

If we go with the “20% useful” metric, then 4 times out of 5, that’s just a disappointment too … and a really frustrating one, as it takes a while to build up aether.

I realize that fast-dungeon-playing end-gamers will get there quicker.

For us mid-gamers, though, it’s a lot slower to get 500 aether. I only just got to that point this week.

The ability to craft fully specified gear (slot, set, color) really needs to be added in when they revamp crafters. And at a less crippling aether cost … unless they mean it to be something that only the already-mythic-equipped end-gamers can make more than very occasional use of – particularly if there’s no other way (e.g. upgrading rarity) to advance or acquire desired items.

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Hey @Switch, I was just asking @Skully a question so there was a reference point.

There was no need for you to hijack the thread making the same points, at length, that you have made in many other threads already.


Just 1. After 3.0 I was very discouraged. Then I did what Switch adviced. Instead of normal progression (which was doing level 6-7 dungeons) I started attacking skirmishes and dungeons a lot higher. Lots and lots and lots and lots of dying. But eventually I got skirmishes to 10 and dungeons 9. Then used up a lot of loot tickets. Some payed off. Got a Mythic+ weapon which helps out a lot. These seem to drop a lot. Which gave me another boost to make level 10 dungeons more doable. Now everything is 10, but no stack of loot tickets anymore so now getting more mythics has slowed down a lot.

Thanks for the reply.

From a veteran point of view, it seems like you have made very good progression in the short time since the 3.0 update. While the pain points may have moved around a bit, I think overall the overall pain to progress has been lowered a lot in the last few updates.

I am cautiously optimistic that the updates in 3.1+ will address the other major concerns.

Stepping aside at this point to let this thread stay on the May Event Calendar.


Was Wizard’s Circle always that brief?

I believe so. It doesn’t use energy, so it makes sense for it to be short.

Hopefully with Coin Collector we also get the benefit of a few additional coins. That was the best thing about the adventure running right now.

Would be nice if they gave Coin Collector the coin bump as well. Also Dragonking Adventure, will it still be a legendary axe or a mythic one? Hoping they’ll make it a mythic now.

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Agree, that would be a nice QOL update, especially since thats the only place to get that axe correct?

Right, Dragonking Adventure is the only place where you can get the axe.

Something kush may be on to regarding anciant coins is on april calender adventures were labeled SEASONAL ADVENTURE, these give coins and ran longer than normal, however new calendar does not say seasonal adventure, durations are back to normal so possibly that means anciant coins were only for 2 year anniversary calendar.
Need a dev to shed some light on this