Melee Resistance vs Missile Resistance?

Hi all. Excuse me if this is a silly question, but what is the difference between Melee and Missile Resistance and, subsequently, in Kingdom Defence, what type of attacks come from the Dragons? Melee or Missile?

Many thanks in advance.

Melee is a direct blow, such as a sword, axe, hammer, sickles or knives.
Missile is a projectile such as an arrow or bolt of energy, the Wand or Orb or Tome.

Dragons (KD) do melee damage and one buff equal to their color. Red = burn; yellow = blind; green = poison; blue = freeze; dark = hex.



@Necro many thanks for the detailed reply!

So the Missile Resistance that you can increase in your Citadel Levels is irrelevant in Kingdom Defense?

@Raw_Onion that is correct. Missile resistance has very little use for most of the PvE part of the game. With PvP there is a growing trend for missile weapons, so it could be useful there.

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@00h00m that’s brilliant information, thank you both!

Hi Raw.
I increase melee defense and missle defense defense equally in my 138 Citidal. Yes, the increase helps you in the story, PvP and KD.

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That said, many things in the Citidal are duplicated with your gear’s attributes. The Citidal creates a “base”amount, and the gear attributes either add to or multiply that base amount.

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