Guard's Pauldron Ability Not Working Correctly

Platform, device and operation system
Android v9

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
I expected the Guard’s Pauldron ability text “Gain 2% Melee Protection when matching 5 or more gems in one match” to work as described. My interpretation of what that means is that if my protection is 5000, then every time I match equal to or greater than 5 gems in a match, I GAIN (5000 x .02) 100 protection.

What actually happened:
The game inconsistently applied a very small (approximately .0032 more) protection bump. Not only is the protection addition much smaller than it should be, but the addition is also very inconsistent and often not added at all. I’ve only ever seen the bump against the first enemy in a series. One time it added protection on my first attack, but then didn’t ever again on that guy or the next 5. Another time it applied the small increase multiple times when attacking the first guy, and then never again against the next 5 enemies. Several other times, it never applied the protection increase, even against the first enemy. In all situations, when expecting the protection increase, the criteria of matching at least 5 gems in a single match is satisfied.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
See above for how. Today is the first time I’ve equipped this gear and used it.

Steps to make it happen again
Equip the gear. Match 5 or more gems in a single match. Continue to do that and see if protection is added.

For the sake of clarity with expectations and with terminology, I’m interested in what the difference is between “Melee Protection” and “Armor”? I do not currently see a “Melee Protection” stat listed for my Hero. The stat that appears to change (sometimes) when the Pauldron’s ability text is met is the Armor. So, my current understanding of “Melee Protection” is that it is synonymous with Armor. If someone knows otherwise, please clarify and advise me how to confirm in-game if possible.

It’s understandable that you would be confused as the developers are very bad at mixing terminology (Melee Protection would be a good choice instead of Melee Resistance which shares the same word as Resistance which is actually specific to elemental damage from spells). Add onto the confusion the fact that when a particular stat is at 0% they just choose not to show the line in the Stats page.

The stat in question is called Melee Resistance which can be increased in the Citadel Stats:

Melee Resistance can also be increased by the Parry Attribute:

Here’s an example of the Guard’s Pauldrons in “action” (stats increased after a few 5+ matches):

The interesting thing to note (one of the many things I’ve observed but never got around to reporting is that when you do your first match and gain the buff from Pauldron’s it appears to be subject to rounding (you can see after four distinct 5+ matches I am getting 7.8% bonus instead of 8% as you would expect).

Dang, hoping for a citadel rework as I have all Dark Mastery (and 0 Melee Resistance)

Thanks for the info Sibelios. I posted the follow up comment because I was wondering if we were dealing with a terminology problem. I recently added 0.2% to Melee Resistance in my Citadel and now I can see that the numbers grow when I use the Pauldron. So, the real issue may be that the Pauldron does not work if you have a base value of 0% Melee Resistance. I don’t recall seeing that value at all when checking stats while using the Pauldron when my Melee Resistance was 0%. Maybe someone can confirm one way or another whether the Pauldron adds Melee Resistance if they haven’t invested any points into it in their Citadel.

Also, here’s a formal request to the Devs to align the language in the Guard’s Pauldron ability to align with the observable stat of “Melee Resistance” and to also look into why the added percentages do not seem to be in whole numbers as the ability states.

As a side note, I noticed that Healing Bonus impacts how much Armor is recovered by abilities in addition to Health. Not sure if that is intended or not, but I like it and it makes Healing Bonus more valuable in my opinion.

Looks like it’s working ok. This is a pic of my new boy account with Rare Guard’s Pauldrons after a 5-gem match.

Before the 5-gem match, the Melee Resistance line simply didnt exist.

Interesting. Also interesting is the whole number addition. In my account, I’m getting x.8% added to the value similar to your other post. I wonder if it has something to do with the amount added from the Citadel. I only have 0.2% added from my Citadel.

Hey hey,

Thanks for sharing your thoughts and feedback on this. I’ve moved this thread the feedback section and will send this through to the Dev Team to look into.

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