Defense Aura spell does not work

When fully charged to 70+ the defense Aura spell is activated. Clicking on the spell produces shields as expected but matching the shields with yellow no longer provides a barrier. Monsters can cause significant damage through the shield.

Barriers now reduce damage by 50%, not 100%.

Perhaps Barrier was created but 50% of the damage got through.

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@kzytaruk can you confirm if it’s the 50% damage getting through like Sibelios described?
If not, can you please provide more details?
ie. Is the buff not applying in the bottom left of the screen etc?

Playing as Paladin on the new patch I was able to get Barrier by matching the shield gems, but as mentioned above the effectiveness of it has been cut to 50%.

For me on a Dungeon L80 this unfortunately meant getting one-shotted by the boss, despite me having an active barrier, because he used an ability that hits for 38k.

I am not looking forward to the combination of fighting a Wolf with Howl (reduces barrier effectiveness by 50%) stacking on top of this.


Well that really sucks! With the difficulty levels so high now I can barely win any battles. When it was 100% I was just barely getting by. Now I don’t stand a chance. Even with the shield I get destroyed with 2 hits against a shield. Where is the fun in losing every battle.

I didn’t really look in the bottom left as I was too shocked that I was taking so much damage with a shield applied. My character did have a graphical aura around it which led me to believe that the spell was active.

@Avenger Wow, level 80!. With my character at level 50 and 10 Citidel I could barely survive a L45 skirmish with barrier at 100% effect. Now with 50% barrier it is impossible. I really don’t like these changes.

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Of all the changes that were made, this was the worst. It really has made the game a luck and chance game rather than a tactical and strategic one. Yes, my gear is not where it should be. L46 G: 890, But I was able to manueavre in defeating L35 and L40 in Skirmish and Dungeons in the daily challenges. I updated 2 days ago and switched my gear around to taking into consideration the new buffs and nerfs. Last night I struggled to beat a L35 Dungeon (took me about 70 attempts) but was able to defeat L40 Skirmish in less than 10 attempts. With the shield I would get both done in no more than 3 attempts. In the long run this is a bit unrealistic. Also what is the point of Mastery… I thought the higher the mastery in a particular color, the more often that color would show up in the game, but that does not seem to be the case.

It’s been said often but it is really worth keeping in mind, it is much better comparing Gear Scores than comparing Levels. Because of the changes in the pre-launch update to better align Gear Scores (which for many was a series of various nerfs) this means everyone across the board is making adjustments so it’s likely you will have to take a step back, acquire additional levels on existing gear or new gear as well, and then proceed.

Increases in Mastery provide increase to spell output (damage, buffs, etc), increase to gem damage (the damage dealt when matching gems of the color of the spells equipped), and increased mana gain from gems matched (0 Mastery would return 30 mana on a 3 gem match, increasing with increased Mastery). Mastery does not influence the population of gem varieties on the board.

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Point taken but the gear score of the L35 was only 1210 and the gear score for L40 was 1428, there about. According to the game I should have defeated the L35 after a few attempts given that it labeled it as yellow and whereas the L40 was labelled as red, meaning significantly difficult, but I was able to defeat it in WAY quicker time. This doesn’t seem right.

Thanks for the clarification on the mastery, why I thought it did, is a mystery…

Enemy types and color could play a role there as well. Hard to say without getting into the nuts and bolts of it.

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This game has become a stupid POS when I can’t even beat a dungeon on EASY mode after 5 consecutive attempts when I used to be able to beat it every time prior to the release.
Good thing I didn’t put any real money into it.