[Fixed in 2.5] Dispel Magic might be Bugged

Had the cleanse portion of the spell fail to work once and now a teammate of mine was complaining that it failed to cleanse them during their fight against the Dragon in Kingdom Defend.

At Legendary level 45, Dispel Magic is supposed to Dispel 6 enemy status effects, with a 95% chance to drain their mana. Now even though in Kingdom Defense’s case the Dragon is immune to mana drain, the cleanse portion should still be working, and it was working until very recently.

What I believe might be happening is the 95% chance of working is now also applying to the cleanse effect, when its only meant to apply to the mana drain effect. Would really appreciate it if the devs could test this spell and make sure its not actually bugged at the moment. Thanks in advance!

*Edit - My teammate thinks the failure rate of the cleanse is actually much higher at the moment, that may or may not be true. You’d have to test it.

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The cleanse on Dispel Magic after testing is performing far worse than expected. Seems to be working at best, 50% of the time and probably far less.

Playstation by the way, but probably affecting all platforms.

We haven’t made any changes to the spell data for Dispel Magic since last year.
I’ve been testing on my account and after each cast of dispel magic, any stacks of enemy status effects applied to my hero have been removed, and then also when the enemy has had buffs such as reflect they have also been removed.
Have yet to have an instance in a battle where it is not removing an enemy effect. Tried in both Dungeons and Kingdom Defence battles.

If you could grab a video, that would be greatly helpful as I haven’t been able to reproduce what you are describing.

I’ve talked to several players who’ve noticed that it isn’t always working as well, all on PSN. I’ll see if I can get someone to post a video, no promises though.

Hi @Jeto

What they are saying is 100% correct and it has never worked correctly for me since i started playing in May on PS5 console.

When i use the spell sometimes the cleanse doesn’t work.

I have been meaning to report this myself but just have not got around to doing it.

Can you please have this looked at, as it is very frustrating.


So i was hexed today. Used dispel. It removed the enemies mana and there haste, however i was still hexed


Following up with the team to get some clarification on how exactly this spell should be working - as there is some mixed results between what I experienced and what you have shared above, as well as my understanding of the spell!

The Mana Drain portion of Dispel Magic isn’t guaranteed, unless its level 50. The removal of buffs and debuffs is supposed to be guaranteed, up to the spell’s limit, which in the case of legendary is 6 enemy status effects (both buffs and debuffs).

This critical bug was still not fixed. Removing debuffs set by enemy should work unconditionally according to Dispell Magic description. However it removes Fire and other bad effects from me in about 50% cases only.

Please fix this spell urgently!

As mentioned, this has already been reported. Once we have more information about when a fix will be released, we will update the thread.

Fixed in 2.5