[Reported] Spell info and mini info don't match

At first I thought Dispel Magic and Boarding Party got massive nerfs. But I’ve figured out what the problem is, the spell info and the mini spell info when you click on the spell twice don’t match. Spell page says 95% for Dispel Magic mana drain for example. While the mini info screen when you double click the spell says 51% chance to drain mana

I’ll check in tomorrow, but can you attach a screenshot of the two places you are viewing the information?

Mini info screen when double clicking the spell icon:

Info screen when selecting the spell and clicking info:

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Just quickly looking at this, I would say that it is because the mini version is looking at the base spell stats and the full sized one is showing you when that spell is equipped to your current Spell book.

But following up with the team! I totally forgot the mini preview was there still, as I always look at the large spell descriptions.

Oh additionally, I have submitted a QOL to see about having spell comparisons put back in so you can compare a spell to what you already have equipped before you swap them over.

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