[Not a Bug] New Cleanse effect doesn't work on burn

I like the ability to match a column of gems to cleanse yourself but it doesn’t get rid of the burn effect. It seems to clear all other negative effects.
Is this by design?


Cleanse should clear burning for sure, are you seeing this in all instances where Burn is applied to your Hero? Or against specific enemies or within specific battles?

It hasn’t happened since I posted this. I’ll keep an eye out for any specifics and get back to you.

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I came across this bug a couple of times last night while playing through season 1.2 archive story.
Pre battle screen.

Burn applied to me and you can see I’ve just matched a column of yellow gems, which did apply cleanse.

Burn still being applied. In fact the counter went up on burn. You can tell that cleanse was applied because my armour and resistance increased.

I thought this might be caused by the enemy applying a new burn but the next time this happened I made sure that that wasn’t the case.
Also sometimes cleanse does work on burn, but it’s more common that it doesn’t.

This is helpful!
So, matching the column will remove one negative status effect. In your battle when you have matched the column it has cleared Power Debuff, not Burn.

The team is looking at adjusting the display to help show what is happening more clearly, as currently, it does not display status debuffs on screen like normal debuffs.

TLDR; Cleanse on matching a column is working

More information on the screen would be helpful, otherwise people will be confused.

How could you see that there was a power debuff?

I didn’t :sweat_smile: this was picked up by a couple of the devs who have way more knowledge of the various buffs and abilities of enemies and heroes!

Which is also why they are looking at adjusting the battle display to show this.


Awesome. Thanks for the quick reply.