Has Regeneration been changed or is it bugged now?

In the new fire event I’ve noticed players seem to be struggling now, more so than before. The problem being that previously Burn debuff would trigger and then regeneration would trigger to heal you. Now though, regeneration is triggering first and then the Burn debuff is being applied, so players are winning the battle with less than full health.

Oddly enough during the switch between opponents it actually works as it used to with the burn triggering first and then the regeneration happening. So during the opponent switch, you actually gain some health back.

Together with Dispel Magic (also possibly not working correctly) only removing the fire maybe 50% of the time, instead of 100% of the time like it used to, the event has become much more difficult. And scores are just all over the place this time.


I have wondered about trigger order since I had a similar problem with regen and possessed. Sometimes regen triggered first, other times second. I did some tests wondering if the order in which you get them affects it, but I found no consistent behavior. I see something similar happening with regen and burning, I haven’t found a consistent rule to their trigger order. It would be nice to know which are the rules (if there are any rules) to solve trigger order of multiple effects.


At the moment, my understanding was it is order of buffs/debuffs being applied though it doesn’t appear there is an order or priority of how these are applied.

Unfortunately, without there being an intended order, or more information from the team it’s hard to report or confirm what is or isn’t a bug, but I have shared this with them nonetheless.