Regen not occurirng in event dungeons

We’re currently doing an event that has a chance to inflict Burn, which can mess with your perfect score.

I’ve countered this by equipping items that give me Regen, however if doesn’t always activate, despite the buff icon being present.

As a result, I’ve lost my top score and am now down 250 gems.

Its been brought up before…

Basically the regeneration may trigger before or after the burn does, depending on the order of the effects, so its not always reliable. And its probably the most fair way to do it, just so one effect doesn’t overpower the other. What I do is I always run a healing spell in Event, that gives me a perfect score every time.

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I’m running Healing Totem, which gets me up to full, but it’s still not giving me the top score.

Did you end any of the battles while not at full health? Because that will lower your score and make it impossible to get 1st.

@ed.209 what piece of gear do you have with regen?

Order of events to trigger should be:

  • Character abilities (i.e monster passives)
  • Item Passives
  • Status Effects

I did, that’s why I’m posting. I should have gained full health from Regen, but didn’t.

I’ve since been told that the first round of the battle also has to be finished with full health, which is daft in my opinion, but nevertheless, Regen should’ve healed me but didn’t.

On a slightly sperate note, do I lose points if I use the coloured crystals to boost my mana between rounds, as we do with healing potions?

I have Dreamhold body & Serpentine ring equipped, plus in the past I’ve had Poison Charm, which also had a chance to fail.

If you have less than 100% health at the end of any individual fight your score will be affected.

Potions do not change your score.

But also, if you end fight one with less than 100% health, a health potion will not fix your round 1 score deficit.

If you are on fire at the end of round 1, but you end the fight on your offensive turn, the fire will not resolve until round 2 and you will need to fix your health before defeating the 2nd round enemy.

The stack is complicated until it isn’t. Once you understand the order of events it gets easier to predict and counter.

Using mana boosters do not lower your score. Regeneration is fickle since the burn may happen after the regeneration, depending on the order of the stack. I would run a healing spell. Heal and then end the fight.

If you could grab a video of a battle where it doesn’t trigger, I can definitely follow up with the team to double check there isn’t something weird!

But in the meantime, depending on how much damage you are taking from Burn, the amount you get from Regen may not be able to heal you in time before the fight ends - as it is 5% of your Max Life at the start of each turn.

Additionally, gear only gives a chance to Regen with the Dreamold Cuirass and the Serpentine Ouroboros is Gem match dependant.

Serpentine Ouroboros:

Gain Regen for 2-5 turns if you match 7 or more gems in one match

Dreamhold Cuirass:

When matching a Big V+ Green Gem there is a 20-50% chance to gain Regeneration for 3 turns.

So if you are getting the Burn debuff before Regen is triggered, that will change the order from what I mentioned previously - as Regen is not triggered at the start of the battle.

Also with the Dreamhold Cuirass, it will only regen for a limited time.

I’m also wearing enough Dreamhold gear for the 4-set bonus. I’m getting regen enough for it to work, but it isn’t, not all the time.

If you have 4 pieces

At the start of each turn, heal for 1.0% of your Max Health for each negative Status Effect on the enemy

This also has conditions to trigger, and will not be triggered at the start of the battle.

Again, there are a lot of conditions and orders that need to be met to trigger Regen, and to get it with enough time to heal your character up before you finish the battle.

Without seeing a battle where your regen isn’t triggering, I can only give examples as to why it might not be (and not a bug).

Dreamhold II always works, but like you say, it takes a few turns to get the debuffs onto enemies.

Pretty automatic first turn actually with 2 set bonus wither and/or field of dreams or amulet of the first.

That’s one thing I really like about this current season and the next one is the gear and spells really help to improve the performance of the older sets.

The problem with that is that I get Possessed, which more often than not ruins my score.