Different Ways to Heal?

Since Event scoring penalizes for any lost health, I’m interested in what options are available for healing. I have some basic knowledge, but I’m hoping for more experienced players to help fill in the gaps.

  1. Event Potions. You can use these potions to restore health after defeating 2 enemies in the Event. From my perspective, these are pretty much worthless. If I’ve made it to the 3rd enemy, I’m going to complete the rest of the battles without dying. But, if you’re concerned about taking more damage that may kill you and end your run, then these potions have their place. However, healing from the potions does NOT negate the lost points to your Event score.

  2. Spell Healing. There are spells that provide healing. I believe healing in this manner allows you to maintain a full Event score even if you take damage as long as you restore it before the end of the Event run. I’m currently running Ice though and have no healing spell available to me (Devs, please add generic blue healing).

  3. Gear Healing. The only thing I’ve run across that provides healing via Gear is the Serpentine Ouroboros (Ring). It gives “Regen” for 2 turns when matching 7 or more gems in one match. But, Regen only provides 2% Healing, so it’s not going to help you recover from that hit of 1000+ taken from your health or even match the 3% burning damage. I believe all other “healing” gear only provides “Healing Boost” which, boosts any healing or restoration of life/armor/resistance, but doesn’t provide any healing by itself. So, in order to take advantage of Healing Boost, you have to first have something that initiates healing.

  4. Citadel? As far as I can see, there is no option to add any kind of base healing. PLEASE correct me if I’m wrong.

Not worthless, especially if the player did not bring ANY form of Life healing with them into the dungeon. Points are are awarded on a per-room basis, and Life damage carried over previous rooms automatically penalizes the scores in all remaining rooms in that dungeon unless healed. Event potions are a last resort, but always should be used ASAP whenever any life has been lost and is carried over the next room.

One correction:

Before the end of the room in which you took damage. As long as the killing blow of the opponent of a given room occurs when the player is at full Life, all damage in that room incurred before that point does not matter.

Pro-Tip: Prevention goes a long way in maximizing event scores. Ice Armor exists for Blue. If a player can keep their Armor over 0 and never allow the opponent to cast a damaging spell (plus no enemy Rush Mode buff in effect), they will never take any Life damage. Also, Armor can be over-capped, unlike Life. That said, healing builds are needed to restore Life/Armor/Resistance in any meaningful amount in 0.36 (expected 0.37 spell changes are going to change the calculus of healing capabilities), and fall flat on their face past level 50-60 opponents because of spell effectiveness being calculated on the 0.34 damage system.

Also… using blue, are you playing as a Necro? The necro’s secondary color of strength is dark, and the Necro has Soul Siphon for dark Life (superior to Vampiric Touch) healing as well as has access to the blue Ice Armor spell for Armor healing.

Correct as written. As Regen is still on the 0.34 system, it is currently too weak. Currently expecting Regen to be changed in 0.37 to improve the effect at higher ring rarities.

Correct. The citadel only has healing amount boosts currently. Unknown if a regen option will be added to it, but I’m skeptical of that. Expecting the percentage boost per point invested to be tweaked, but not any new options to be added.


One thing I’ve noticed is that some colors, like Purple, have really solid options for healing - Yellow has solid enough options as well.
For the shaman though for example, where the main description mentions “healing” and Green is the main color, there’s no Green healing spell. The yellow ones are okay, but lack synergy with the Ultimate. And it’s true most healing is not very scalable :slight_smile:

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The Shaman’s Spirit Mask (Resistance heal) is Green.

@Lyrian Given it affects only resistance, buffs the maximum amount, does not affect score and it wouldn’t be considered a heal in the generic definition in most games, I don’t consider it to be a heal.

Maybe I wasn’t specific enough, but by heal in this context I mean healing health.

If buffing resistance prevents spell damage from reaching Life, then yes it does. Raising resistance has saved multiple full round scores from Rush Mode enemy buffs in the past, and it will continue to do so in the future.

I would agree that in most other games, raising Armor/Resistance would be considered a buff.

However, in PQ3, they are classified as heals with Healing Boost modifiers affecting them as heals. Those are the rules of this game’s universe.

I believe the devs’ vision towards classes is that any class specialties can fall as either on their primary or secondary color. For the case of Shamans, that is Green and Yellow. As pure healing spells are Yellow mana spells, I think the devs consider Yellow heals on the Shaman to be working as designed as one of the class’s primary functions. As such, I doubt that there will be a Green-based heal in the future.

I find Resistance to be way, way less useful than Armor or Health. While it is true that some enemies are able to cast a spell quickly, they almost never are for damage… which I actually love (it’s basically a free turn to kill them or get stun going). Most damage dealing spells take several turns to build up, during which time they are pounding you with physical damage against your armor. Having a spell that bumps Resistance is definitely not the same thing as having a spell that heals health, especially in the context of Event scoring. I would personally rate Armor at least 2x more useful than Resistance in the current build for PvE and I would rate health healing higher than armor.

While the devs may look at Yellow as a legit offering for a Shaman, I would rather they don’t. Multi-color builds are not currently legit and we have no evidence yet that they will ever be as good as monocolor. I think each color should be able to stand on its own, which would include Green… or Blue. I’m running an off primary Blue build right now since my Necro is only leveled somewhere in the 30s but my gear and spells have fallen blue by the RNG gods… and since there is currently no way to legitimately target any kind of progression in the game, RNG determines absolutely everything… so Blue it is for now. Blue has no generic health healing.

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Where did you get this information from? I don’t remember any kind of official announcement or guide released regarding event scoring. I’m really interested in how Event scoring works. Is Health the only thing that impacts scoring? Are there any penalties for using potions, whether Health or Mana? I used potions in my early events and it seemed like I get penalized for it, so I haven’t used them since.

From this. Potions are effective for healing up for the next enemy but you will still lose points if you were sub-max health after killing the prior enemy before using the potion.