[REPORTED] Progress between event battles doesn't account for changes to max HP

From the 0.38 update patch notes:

This makes it sound like if you end an event battle after having taken damage, then the damage you take will be carried forward into the next battle. However, the way it actually works is that when you complete an event, the game records your HP at the end of the battle, and that’s the most HP you can start with in the next battle. For example, here I complete an event with full HP using a build that has a max HP of 3,564.

So with full HP I would expect to start the next battle at full HP as well. However, if I then choose a different build with a higher max HP, the game will penalize me and start me off at only 3,564 HP.

Potentially, this issue could also arise due to levels up and changing characters.

Is this working as intended? I think that if you have full health at the end of an event battle, the next battle should start at full health as well regardless of your maximum HP.


Yeah, I saw this and wondered what I’d done wrong!

I’m guessing a simple fix would be to record the percentage remaining health rather than the numerical amount of health. That way you could change hero or build and it wouldn’t matter.

A better fix: revert this silly change. Why exactly is it a good idea to carry over damage and gains between two separate fights (from a token POV)? None of the other modes operate like this.

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The design encourages the purchase of the Gem Caches which includes the healing potions. I’m pretty sure they will not be looking to reconsider this change. Just a realistic assessment :grinning:

Obviously the issue that @Traductus points out needs to be fixed though.

The feedback that we gave the devs was that Events felt just like every other game mode and took too long. This was their solution to that.

Also since the hotfix last night, the game will give you a popup saying if you try to swap characters mid event, you will lose all progress in the event and start back from score 0… so this issue is moot now anyway

While I was not aware of the notification for changing characters during an event, the screenshots I took above are from three hours ago, after the hotfix.

The point remains: it’s not a good idea. While the pre-38 events were certainly unnecessarily slow, replacing them with near-one shots, and the significant decrease in loot opportunities, doesn’t seem like much of a solution.

OK, so here is an example of the issue and the impact
After spending gems to get extra runs with the aim of placing high enough on the leader board to recoup the spend IF I could do 11x3 days worth of perfect runs
Day 1 - Achieved
Day 2 - midway though I swapped to a different build of the same hero and have now not achieved maximum points, even though I never took any health damage - 58 points to be exact.
Day 3 - yet to start, but even with perfect runs, I can’t achieve a high enough place on the leader board to get back anywhere near what I spend in gems

Here is me with the first setup used

Here is me at the start of a battle with the alternative Hero loadout - note the 4430/4460 Health

So it turns out by buying a potion of healing, I can “heal” the “damage” I have taken and that “fixes” the issue HOWEVER it does not get me back the points I am already missing due to this. This now will result in less rewards than I think doing these battles without taking any health damage should provide.
Effectively I am missing 58 points having done 22 runs without taking damage because I changed loadouts on my hero

Here is the leader board near the end of day 2

You can see bottom left I have done all my battles and now I am pushed down the list to 11th getting 200 gems, rather than the 1000 gems I think taking no health damage should provide

It’s unclear to me if this impacts the rewards others further down the leader board would get.

I would think it would be fair, that if I finished Day 3 missing only the 58 points then I should get the correct rewards for completing the battles without taking health damage.

I get it’s early access and there can/are issues etc, so here is one issue, here is the impact and while a fix is being created I would certainly appreciate a fix on my rewards (assuming I complete day 3 battles with no health damage)

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ouch @Mythos that sucks. I was wondering how you lost points. :frowning_face: :frowning_face: That’s a raw deal.

And this is the reason I’ve decided not to both with the events at the moment. Other to gain a few marks for minimal effort.

This has to be a bug, because it makes no sense for it to be deliberate!

Day 3 completed with no Health loss, so still behind the missing 58 points from day 2

Fairly hefty gem reward difference - so I point out once again I completed the event without taking any Health damage, but I lost points because I changed loadouts a few times and the two loadouts did not have the same maximum Health

@Jeto @OminousGMan
Is this something you can assist with or do I need to lodge a support ticket (in which case what would you advise to be the relevant information for support to be able to provide a resolution?)

Thanks in advance and fingers cross this bug gets addressed soon

Hello everyone!

Thanks for bringing this to our attention, both the change in your max HP and how that affects your leaderboard ranking.

I’ll follow this up with the team!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Thank you Jeto

Do you think I should wait to hear more OR lodge a support ticket now?

Hey @Mythos,

No need to send through a ticket at this stage!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Awesome & thanks for the quick reply!

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Hey @Jeto,
Just checking in to see if there is any further information and hopefully an outcome?
Otherwise, some guidance on timeframe would be great (so I don’t bug you before you expect to hear something)


When I shared this with the team and explained your experience, they agreed that this is something we will investigated further!
As I would guess they will need to look at how the game differentiates having full health and changing your gear and increasing the HP to match VS losing any damage and changing your gear and increasing HP accordingly - but this only a guess, as that is not my area of expertise.

Totally agree how frustrating this is, as it is currently recognising the change of gear as a loss.

But I have not got any further information on this, at the moment.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Thank you Jeto for the update - it all makes sense

So regarding my personal experience/outcome and what I feel is a reduction in leader board rewards received due to the impact of the issue - it that element something you can help with? Or should I lodge a ticket?


@Jeto Sorry to keep bugging you - Is there any update on my specific situation and/or should I lodge a support ticket?

Hello @Mythos

Feel free to shoot through a ticket & I’ll grab it.

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

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