Minion sort option "available"

A minor thing but it would be convenient if one could sort Minions based on status, particularly available when one sets minions to find chests. As is, the only option is to sort by level or name and inevitably I end up having to scroll forever to find a minion that is not resting or on a mission.


This would be amazing

Yes. Sort by might, speed, cunning would be nice.

Also a possibility to save the filter would be nice. So we don’t have to reclick and resort every time


Thank you for the feedback, I have mentioned it.

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It would also be great if the sort option was “saved” so you dont have to select it everytime
Since the update it seems to use a “most recently found” which is often useful - but if you have say a few chests and want to find a minion to use, you have to sort for each chest because once you assign a minion you have to leave the sorted minion menu to move to the next chest (which resets the sort option to default)


Please please please add a save option. It only adds a few seconds but across all of my chest slots add up. It is a minor frustration but it is there

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I agree this would help alot.

Also, @Salty , this was what I mentioned on the stream, except specifically an option to automatically set the highest for a stat so that a full menu is skipped.

Current time to set 9 pets is around 5 minutes right now, where a sort by specific stat and auto highest specific stat option would cut that down to under a minute.

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It used to always save but the update that added the Most Recently Found sort option (0.35 i think?) also broke the sorting so it always resets to that new sort mode every time that menu opens.

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