QoL Request: create custom filters for minions opening chests (based on chest and very simple rules)

Opening chests is one of the time consuming side tracks of PQ3. It has been enhanced already by making Minions sortable by cunning (bonus key chance), which is probably the only important Stat for this task.

So, what am I missing / what is bothering me?

  1. I usually know exactly, which bonus chance I want to select
  2. I still have to scroll a lot to get to a certain minion/percent chance
  3. when I miss the minion scrollable area slightly, the game recognizes that I pressed anywhere on the background and closes the ‘open with minion’ window and stores the chest without assigning a minion to the task

How do I choose the Minions?
Usually I have a threshold in mind, when it comes to bonus key chance. It depends on the chest type and my currently available chances. It looks something like:

  • Diamond: highest bonus key chance available
  • Ruby: the minion with the 3rd highest chance (saving 2 equal or higher chances for diamond)
  • Gold: any minion close to 10%
  • Iron: anything around 8%
  • Wood: same as Iron

To create something valuable for everyone, the minion screen could get a filter creation, which let’s you set up a small custom filters using simple rules for each chest type. The default is to show everything, and there should be a reset button in case you mess up ;-). The simple rules could be:

  • sort ascending / decending
  • hide <, <=, >, >= xx%
  • hide n elements from top
  • hide all but n elements

So, for my choices, I would define:

  • diamond: sort ascending, hide all but 1 element
  • ruby: sort ascending, hide 2 elements, hide all but 5 elements
  • gold: hide < 10%; hide all but 5 elements
  • iron: sort ascending, hide <= 8.5%, hide all but 5 elements
  • wood sort descending, hide > 7%, hide all but 1 element

Of course, you need to be able to turn off the filter if no Minions are found matching your rules instead of being unable to open the chests. Just saying :wink:

What do you think? Would this be a good thing to add or do you have a better suggestion?

[edit: fixed android auto-correct spelling mistakes - yay for this feature]


In game syntax would be great
Then could also create rules for auto-salvage most owned gear/minions/spells - below say, Rare or Epic

Start it as VIP option - so some live testing - then cascade functionality to free once its working
Adds value to VIP, not pay to win = win/win