Minions, Minions , More Deatails

We do get plenty of minions for sure. Even rare minions are easy to get. But my question is how can we use them more in the game. For opening chests , we can use two. And for PVP , another two.
Any other uses ? Any replies, both on how well to use them, and all their uses are welcome. Thank you in advance.

For opening chests, you need many more than 2 because some minions will be resting so you need more to open your next chests, and eventually you’ll have more than 2 chest slots.

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Hi, just read somewhere. Should one look for anything particular when selecting minions for sending them to open chests?

When opening chests, only the three stats on a minion matter.

Speed improves recovery speed (the resting time). Might improves mission time (the duration of actually opening the chest). Cunning grants a chance that a chest mission will grant a bonus key you can use on a chest in the future.

Look to use high level Cunning minions on Diamond and possibly Ruby chests.


I haven’t been able to find anything on how the minions are used in PvP battle. Are their abilities passive or does it require some kind of activation?

Pet spell is for PvP defense. If someone challenge you, you’ll use these two spells to strike back.

To elitemastereric: you reversed the effect of strength and speed.

Thank you for the clarification! I’m still getting the hang of the game but I think this is the best Puzzle Quest yet.

In still thinking which one is better, speedy or cunning?
Mighty pet can only serve as alternate, since they generally not good at both speed and cunning.
Speedy pet can open more chests in given time than any other, and cunning may give extra keys…
Hard to decide

All about Cunning. The marginal benefit you get from a pet mission timer reduction is nothing compared to the chance at free keys. You will ultimately have a ton of pets available so recovery should not be an issue. The only time I can think that speed would be a priority is based on some playtime requirement (I need the chest done by such and such time).

tl;dr: Cunning, Cunning, Cunning

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…Hmm seems extra key chance is buggy atm? I got two keys from minion mission instead of one.

And, so, pet stats are quite imbalanced… They need to do something.

Octoghoul also has strange starting stat and abnormally low growth compared to stats… This also needs investigating.

Does anyone know if there is a list of minions somewhere? I’m trying to salvage some to keep space open, but I don’t want to end up salvaging a good one my accident.

Anything with a high key chance is good.

Anything with a high rest time is bad.

Mission time can be good as long as it also has a good growth for key and a bad growth for rest time.

Essentially, rest time is the worst stat and anything with it high is bad.

Ok. Thanks for the fast reply!