A Guide to Minion Stats

I wanted to give you guys a breakdown on how Minion stats work, along with a list of all the Minion stats.

There are three stats Minions have in the game. These all affect how they act when opening Chests.

  • Might: Minions have to rest (for a duration double the chest opening duration) after they open a chest, during which they can’t be used to open chests. Each 1 point in Might reduces recovery time by 0.2%. For example, 200 points in Might means it takes 40% less time for the Minion to be used again after it opens a chest.

  • Speed: It takes a certain duration to open a chest, 12 hours by default for Ruby chests for example. Each 1 point in Speed reduces this duration by 0.2%. For example, 200 points in Speed means it takes 40% less time to open a chest.

  • Cunning: When opening a Chest with a minion, there is a chance to receive a bonus Key of that chest’s rarity. Each 1 point in Cunning increases this chance by 0.2%. For example, 200 points in Cunning means there is a 40% chance to receive a key when opening, allowing you to open another chest for free.

Minions also give a bonus to Power and Vitality in PvP but this is purely based on the Minion’s level. Minions also determine the spell used in PvP Defense but this doesn’t matter because there’s no reward for winning on Defense in PvP.

Below is a table listing every Minion, along with their stats at the maximum level.

Minion Might Speed Cunning
Arachino 80 110 110
Black Dragonette 150 100 125
Blue Dragonette 125 150 100
Darkling 70 160 70
Doomkin 160 20 120
Dronei 50 110 140
Drowder 110 150 40
Flameling 60 180 60
Frostling 90 120 90
Ghoulasaurus 90 90 120
Gobling 120 90 90
Gold Dragonette 100 150 125
Green Dragonette 100 125 150
Grimli 130 30 140
Gryph 40 130 130
Hogger 140 80 80
Hydusa 150 120 30
Igrit 20 160 120
Kittiliche 100 50 150
Lupan 95 110 95
Minimp 110 140 50
Octoghoul 70 70 160
Ogrett 180 60 60
Pegasio 30 140 130
Plague Toad 80 80 140
Ponytaur 10 150 140
Pussbag 50 50 200
Rattilope 95 95 110
Red Dragonette 150 125 100
Scorpilion 110 80 110
Sickling 80 140 80
Skully 130 40 130
Snack Rat 60 60 180
Spark Wasp 110 110 80
Tentacula 130 160 10
Trolletini 200 50 50
Wyvlet 140 140 20
Zapling 50 200 50
Zappy 160 70 70
Zombie Pup 140 10 150

Some analysis and trivia regarding this list:

  • No Minion is perfectly balanced; each has a primary and sometimes a secondary stat they lean heavily into.
  • The top three Minions for Might are Trolletini (200), Ogrett (180), and Doomkin (160).
    • Trolletini takes only 28 hours 48 minutes to recover from opening a Diamond chest at Mythic level 50 compared to the default 48 hours (but has to take 21 hours and 36 minutes to open it).
    • Black Dragonette (150) and Red Dragonette (150) have slightly lower Might but great Cunning and Speed for high-Might Minions.
  • The top three Minions for Speed are Zapling (200), Flameling (180), and Tentacula (160).
    • Zapling takes 14 hours and 24 minutes to open a Diamond Chest at Mythic level 50 (but has to wait 43 hours 12 minutes to recover from it).
    • Blue Dragonette (150) and Gold Dragonette (150) have slightly lower Speed but great Cunning and Might for high-Speed Minions.
  • The top three Minions for Cunning are Pussbag (200), Snack Rat (180), and Octoghoul (160).
    • Pussbag has a 40% bonus key chance at Mythic level 50, but takes 21 hours and 36 minutes to open it and has to wait 43 hours 12 minutes to recover from it.
    • Green Dragonette (150) has slightly lower Cunning but great Might and Speed for a high-Cunning Minion.
  • Almost all of the Minions have stat totals which sum to 300; the exception is the five Dragonettes, which have about 375 stats total. This makes them great all-rounders but none of them have the maximum possible stats.
  • Since Minion stats increase in a linear manner, the Minions with high Cunning at level 50 will also have high Cunning at level 1.
    • The exception to this is Octoghoul, which has high starting Cunning but increases more slowly over time.

With all the numbers laid bare, someone could figure out which of these gives you the most chests for a given time period, or whether it’s optimal to use high-Cunning minions for high-rarity and high-Speed minions for low-rarity or something similar.

What does everyone think?

My strategy so far: Have lots of Octoghouls and never worry about Might or Speed or levelling up Minions. Generating more keys means more chests opened in total. I haven’t done the maths to work out if this is actually optimal though.

Technically the best way to stock up on keys is to go all in on Pussbags. My epic Pussbag is starting to exceed my Octoghouls in Cunning. If you’re looking for a way to spend your Minion shards, Octolings are actually the least efficient use for them since they don’t grow in stats much, plus they might get nerfed.

I took a stab at it but haven’t figured out an equation I’m happy with yet. If you use all Pussbags, your chest slots are full for longer, but if you use all Zaplings, you have less keys to use to open chests and thus have to use your Chest slots more often. Using all Trolletinis is obviously dumb because you can have lots of minions to cycle through.

I wonder if Ponytaur or Igrit might be more useful since they essentially use Might as a dump stat and have a good balance of Cunning and Speed.

You have one epic Pussbag. I have 10 non-epic Octoghouls, so for the foreseeable future, my strategy is generating more keys. :stuck_out_tongue:

But if you’re saying “Keep Octoghouls but also level up Pussbags” then I agree with you.

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It probably depends quite a lot on how much a player is playing. Right now, I’m not playing enough to keep all my slots filled all the time, so Might and Speed become a lot less relevant and generating keys for the rare times when I’m playing a lot and overflow my chest slots is much better.

I definitely agree with that. I’ve got 5 Octolings right now.

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Thinking about it, a high-level player like Tacet might not want to go all in on Cunning because he farms a lot and wants to maximize the efficiency of chest slots, and instead would want a good balance of Speed and Cunning. He wouldn’t care as much about Might because he can just get more pets.

I’ve done a preliminary calculation. Let’s assume that a 20% key drop chance means you’re opening 1.2 chests in the given amount of time, on average. This would be the equivalent number of chests per day as a Minion who could open the same chest in 1/1.2 = 83.33% of the time, or 17% more efficient.

The best minions by this metric are (as mentioned) Ponytaur and Igrit, which take an average of 13.125 hours and 13.162 hours to open a Diamond chest, on average. This is due to having a high Might stat with a decent Cunning stat to back it up, while not caring about recovery time at all (lol Ponytaur has 2% improved recovery time at level 50 Mythic).

However, this assumes that you have a lot of them that you can use while the others recover.