[MORE INFO NEEDED] Bad Handshake Error

I am experiencing “Bad Handshake” errors almost constantly, to the point where it is impossible to finish any battles at all.

Just got a “Bad Handshake” while typing into global chat. Game client rebooted, and I was able to continue typing in the global chat. Minutes later getting bad handshakes when looking at new minion, opening chest(didn’t loose chest, it went to empty slot), while looking at new gear.

Are you still experiencing these, or have they largely resolved at this point in time?

Also, are you playing in our supported regions? If not, this can contribute to this error.

Still encounter it occasionally, mostly happens during a dungeon run or chat.
I’m not in supported regions.

Thanks for replying and letting us know. Unfortunately this is common in an unsupported region, so we can’t help further.

Had a couple last night, although this is much less frequent than last week. Pretty sure Australia is a supported area.

We had a few server issues last night that have been resolved, so that is a separate issue to bad handshakes that were occuring last week and are persistent every day.

Oh, glad to know that. Haven’t encounter this bug today. It happened several times yesterday.