My initial feedback for .36

The power of items really isn’t reflected proportionately in their gear score, and it seems to be gear score that is the primary figure used in matching you to opponents.

So for those lucky enough to have Legendary weapons, they can have a much easier run by simply equipping that weapon, stripping off a bunch of other armour to lower their overall gear score, get matched against a player with much weaker gear who will survive only one or two skull match hits to kill them.

Meanwhile those with only regular gear (mix of uncommon, rare, maybe some odd epics) will enter battle against a similar gear score opponent, only to find they hit for several thousand damage, resulting in a two shot kill loss.


Gear Score is a joke number until all rebalancing is done.

A level 35 Epic spell vs a Level 1 common spell gives you about +100 gear score. So someone with 4x level 35 epic spells will have a +400 Gear score compared to someone with 4 level 1 spells. However, in terms of damage, 34 additional levels of a spell is about +78 points of extra dmg per cast.

On the other hand, a level 45 legendary weapon adds +150 gear score compared to a Level 1 common weapon. Damage difference? Oh, just +4,000 or so

Which gear score modification would you prefer?


0.36 doesn’t so much feel like a rebalance, more a pendulum that has swung in one direction and we’re just waiting for it to swing back the other way in the next update.

I’d like to see PVP better match players of similar capabilities, which the current gear score just doesn’t do.

While levelling up as a L20 character I was getting L45-50 opponents in PVP based on their gear score. This totally ignores the bonus that simple Level difference has in health, power and masteries, which make it easier to survive hits and deal more damage in just basic matches.

While getting to L50 stops this being a problem, with the current gear scoring matching system you can play the system to try and get low level opponents for easy one shot victories.

Perhaps totalling up combined Armor, Health, Resistance, Weapon damage and Masteries would help achieve finding opponents of similar overall capability. It would still be possible to try and min/max the system, but if you equip a Legendary weapon as a glass cannon type build, the fact the damage output is exponentially higher than other players should push them into battles with higher score players.


I think the problem in evaluating the “rebalance” (which 0.36 was, just obviously incomplete regarding spell levelling, gear rebalancing, etc. etc.) is taking PVP into account. I feel like I can make a pretty safe bet that any rebalance that has occurred (0.36) and any rebalance that will occur likely in the next update was done with virtually no consideration of the PVP framework. PVP will most likely get addressed last after everything else has been worked on. That’s my guess.


Hmm… I do see your point. But the mana cost changes really did seem to me to be done for pvp.


Perhaps, but this could have been done just as easily to prevent spell cycling with Elven Charm or Fast starts even with Mono color as people level up Starting mana and add in Bone Rings, etc. They also seem to have set the footprint for spell progression changes based on mana cost as well.

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I just wanted to pop in here and say that the team is working on a new way to get Relics more easily. This will be in a more accessible way and more accessible place. We are hoping to introduce it in 0.37, but this is subject to testing and change. (But we are pushing for it!)

why say goodbye to puzzle quest 3?

  1. Rewards! Absolutely inadequate, since the introduction of 0.36 I have not received a single epic, the diamond case does not give any rewards that would justify its value

  2. advancement of equipment almost impossible

  3. Players who have completed the main story with all 5 characters have no incentive to repeat the main story, return the prizes as for the first pass

  4. Opponents disproportionately difficult, with the inability to advance the player is constantly in the same place

  5. Accumulating mana too hard, heavier opponents have a huge advantage

  6. essence of the game is progress, the pleasure of winning prizes and the ability to defeat a tough opponent with the help of own skill

listen to the players and respect enthusiasam and common logic


That would be pretty great!

While relics are certainly worthy of a healthy tweak… Is anyone looking at shards? I really believe that right this minute (whatever happens in 37 could change this, of course) that shards are a bigger problem than relics. I wish I could provide a constructive idea to fix that. But all I can really say is we need a better way to target specific types and tiers of shards.

Another economic issue would be the changes to food and ore from followers.

The problem with food was not that we were getting too much, it was that there was nothing to spend it on and limited storage for it. Lowering the amount produced, did not solve the problem. The change probably only affected newbies, and not really in a great way.

The problem with ore was that we weren’t getting enough! Lowering the amount produced, obviously did not solve THAT problem.


The easy fix is to make all shards downgradable either by programming it or by allowing an exchange in the shop. Then it doesnt matter if you are running higher level content and getting nothing but Superior shards when you really need Greaters.

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That would take care of tiers, but not types. It would be a great place to start, though!

Agreed. I’m not sure why they got rid of the Dungeon targetting. That would be especially helpful given that weapon shards are so rare compared to the rest of all shards.


While we seem to be getting shards from the dailies I feel the drop rates on them are really low. Maybe it’s because we are still working through Tier 1, 2, 3 events, but getting only 1 or 2 shards as a prize really doesn’t go far when upgrades through a tier costs in the hundreds.

It would be really useful to have a more targeted way of farming shards of both the type and level we need.

While loot does scale with level, we also have 15 locations with their own special drop lists. Maybe have each dungeon also favour a particular type of shard to not exclusively drop it, but make it more likely.

Aside from just shards, I’d love to see more difficulty options on dungeons, not just Difficulty I-X, but extend it below 50. So if the material you want drops mostly around L30 you could choose to play the Dungeon at L30, and not at either L10 or jump all the way to L50 for the next option. If shard grade was more tied to the level of chest you could focus your farming on the level range they drop the most in.

This is literally the way it used to be in 0.34. Each Dungeon had a higher likelihood of dropping two specific shard types.

Personally I hate this idea for the fact that it’s really a negative result for the player. While you are getting the shards (potentially) that you want, you are also having to do inferior content for xp and gold making your earned level and your earned gear superfluous. It’s the MMO equivalent of having to go farm grey xp animals for crafting materials for hours on end while getting no other valuable benefit because the mobs are so low level they yield nothing else of use. There is absolutely no reason that Shards should not be downgradeable. Given the enormous amounts of shards needed at higher levels, allowing the highest level shards to be used for anything equal to or below is a no brainer and doesnt compromise shard economy as it represents a tradeoff for the player without asking the player to farm sub-level content.


It would be nice to have both options. The trading option AND more level options.

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Was there a reason given for it being removed from Dungeons, or just one of many changes that happened with 0.35? Guessing there was some aspect of it they didn’t like?

No reason given; happened in 0.35. Visually, where the Relics are listed now as Dungeon Drops (LOL LOL LOL LOL) is where they used to list the Shards types that had the higher drop chance.

Hopefully it was better than the “increased drop rate” of relics at 0.01% or something so low it didn’t happen!

Fun with Shard rarities:

With the likely very very slow rate of Legendary Evolutions, every Superior Shard drop or Superior Shard Shop Offer for me at this point is the equivalent of a Food Drop, essentially dead currency, as I will never use the shards faster than I will gain them.


I stopped playing the game about a week and a half ago because of reasons I’ve stated in other posts, but I’ve hopped back on the forums the last couple days to see if there have been any positive developments that might make me want to come back. Addressing the Relic issue is a key piece of my frustration regarding a lack of progression in the game. But, don’t give Dev love to the Relics and ignore the Glyphs. Relics are meaningless without Glyphs, so address the lack of both.

I’ve been encouraged by 2 things as I read through the forum.

  1. Many other people vocalizing the same frustrations that I posted about at the beginning of this thread.
  2. Actually getting some kind of response from moderators and indications that things are being worked on by the Devs. That goes a long ways. It’s a lot better than silence.

I’m actually considering coming back to the game… even though all the frustration points appear to still be alive and well.

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