[NEED MORE REPORTS] The game is locked in social tab

Android, Samsung Galaxy Note 20, Android Version 11

I create a party and set skirmish stage 15, level X (100).
The game is locked and circle is running on Right Bottom Corner.

So I stop the game and restart It.
But it always show that screen three times.

I remain that screen for a long time.
And that game show ‘Lost Connection’ and restart it.
It works!!!

I try it again!
that circle welcome me again.
I will expect ‘Lost Connection Message’.

that game show ‘Lost Connection’ again and restart it.
It works.

In my thought, there are indivisual states of finished level.
I finished level 100 skirmish in story.
i didn’t finished level 55~ skirmish in social party.
it have to show 55 level limit but 100 level.

i finished skirmish X (100) in social party.
but, when another user is in party, if i select skirmish X (100), all players are locked…

Hello Hapines, I apologise but I’m not entirely sure what you’re experiencing. Could you please provide more information, and broken down further?

case 1

  1. Finish Skirmish I (55) ~ Skirmish X (100) in main menu.
  2. Create Party in Social
  3. Select Skirmish X (100) and Start Game
  4. locked about 30 mins.

case 2

  1. Create Party in Social
  2. Select Skirmish I (55) and clear it.
  3. repeat to Skirmish X (100)
  4. then there is no lock at Skirmish in social.

case 3

  1. Create Party in Social
  2. Join another player in my party
  3. Select Skirmish X (100) and Start Battle.
  4. lock again to all player.

Is anyone else experiencing this issue after every battle?