New Modem, PQ3 only item that doesn't work

@Jeto I wasn’t sure where to post this but I really need your help. My internet modem was changed out yesterday. All computers, TVs etc. work completely, except for PQ3!!! I’m so frustrated as I can’t figure out what is wrong. I’ve done all the standard stuff, rebooted, deleted and redownloaded from Steam but it still won’t load. It says the server can’t connect but ALL other internet items are currently working. Please help if you can, I’m going into withdrawals and I miss my peeps.

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Can you check a couple of the following things for me:

  • Check you don’t have any anti-virus or firewalls blocking PQ3
    • Had some experience with anti-virus software detecting PQ3 & GOW as a virus, that usually would involve you allowing those games and us contacting the software company to verify our software

If you are still having issues, please submit a ticket as the rest of the information I need it private and posting publically cause be a security risk for you.

No firewalls or virus software blocking. After the modem change the program would only load thru Steam and only after 4 or 5 tries. It’s now so bad it took two hours and over 20 attempts before it let me in again. I can’t walk away and have dinner because if I do the program will time out and I’ll lose my connection again. It has always worked perfectly, why would a modem change cause it to work only from Steam directly and sporadically at best?

Thank you for getting back with me, I really appreciate your help!

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Maybe worth also contacting your internet provider if it is different to where you got your modem

No, it was their modem and everything else I own is working perfectly, it must be something to do with your program, unfortunately.

Reverify your files for PQ3 via Steam and then sent through a support ticket, and we can go over some more steps

I’m sorry Jeto, I’m not very techie, what do you mean reverify my files with Steam? I did delete and redownload, is this something different?

No worries

  1. Launch Steam
  2. Right click on PQ3
  3. Select Properties
  4. Select ‘installed files’
  5. Select verify

Found it, verifying now. It says “all 0 files successfully validated”.

How do a place a ticket? I’ve never done that before.

I believe this is it.

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It may be possible that your modem has some built-in firewall features that may need to be manually configured. I remember we got one from an ISP a few years ago that had to have settings changed before it would allow me to game on my PS4.

Maybe contact your ISP and tell them you are having trouble with one of your games on Steam since you changed to their new modem. They might be able to walk you through how to open some ports on the modem’s firewall (if applicable).