[Resolved] But...how am I not running Steam if I'm using Steam to launch the game?

@PowerPlay is this happening only when you tried to recover your account, or every time you launch PQ3?

It happened on launch.

Is it every time you launch or hasn’t happened again since?

Ever since I reinstalled yesterday.

To clarify, is it every time you launch the game?

We haven’t been able to reproduce this ourselves so far on our own personal PC accounts :thinking:

Also, is your Steam client up to date and have you verified your PQ3 files since reinstalling?

I’ll try those solutions later, I got more important things to take care of at the moment (read: college).

Update: Steam does not need an update at this time, and all 2,388 files that this game contains have been verified.

Apparently after file verification, whatever was making the error fixed itself.