Crash at launch on steam

On Steam my game crashes at launch. ( W10 x64 21h2)
I was at the beginning of chapter 6 ( 6.2 if I remember ) and now I can not play at all.
The tab have some marks ( see screenshot) but nothing happens when I click them.

Can I try to uninstall/reinstall without losing my progression ?


Can you submit a ticket through to Support so we can follow this up further.

You can also reinstall before submitting a ticket to see if that resolves what you are experiencing, I have located your account if you have any issues attempting to recover it!

Jeto (she/they) - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:

Sorry I made a post to myself on another of my post and not this one ( I had another problem before this blocking one and it was probably relative )

To sum up :
I checked the integrity of the files : one was not ok.
It is working again !

However I tried to install the game on another PC and it does not retrieve my save from the cloud.
I do not found any local save ( may be you could help me if they exist ) and the size of the file on the cloud is dubious ( 74 bytes ??? )

Hey @nabla666

If you pop a ticket through, I can help you get access to your account on your second PC and look at this cloud save issue as well.

I opened a ticket !
P.S. : I tried to secure my account with e-mail / password and It failed too !!!

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