[Reported - contact support] No cloud save found after reinstall

Have just reinstalled the game for the fourth time but this time there is no copy of my cloud save available (my previous saves were easily recovered in the three previous reinstalls). Can anyone tell me how to recover my previous game? 27 level Assassin and a bunch of others all over level 12 - painful to lose.

Same here. Reinstalled the game and no cloud save

11 days and nothing. 69 views but no replies. 2 people now with the same progblem. And they’re asking people to give them money for this game.

i had same issue and cant find anyplace to save my account now. no gear icon in upper left, update your help screen please

my cloud save has never worked. I do have an email/password setup. if you know your invite code I believe you can reset your password, but only if you’ve registered. otherwise you’ll need support to assist you.

Hey, sorry you’ve been having issues with cloud save. If you haven’t already, make sure you contact our support team for assistance with any account issues, usually they’re able to recover your account by adding your email to it, as long as you can provide enough information for support to locate your account:


Thanks - that’s great news. Wish I’d known this when i originally posted this - I wouldn’t have needed to start all over again.

Great to know that the facility is there though .