Cloud save error csc003

I have been trying to transfer my save to a new device. Every time I try to backup, the error says some garbage about save space or somesuch meaningless drivel. I have over 7gb free, so the save content cannot hope to be that massive. What else are we supposed to do for transfer between android devices?

link it to your gmail.
go to settings > account > register account
and then put your email in there.

Hey @Nyx

Beaten to it, but if you haven’t already, you can register your email in-game and then use that to recover your account any time you change devices.

Also, the storage space is potentially your cloud save space. This is different to the space you have on your device itself.

But if you continue to have any issues, either registering or recovering your account you can send a message through to Support and we can assist you further.

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