[Reported] Season 2.4 - PS5 Version crashes on startup


I was playing the game on my PS5 10 min before the new season 2.4 started and it was working fine. Since the new season started I’m unable to even start the game on PS5 now, it just crashes on startup (note, I wasn’t playing at the time the new season started, I stopped just before and the PS5 was turned off). I can get as far as the page where it says ‘Press X to begin’, but the game crashes before it fully loads.

I’ve rebooted the PS5, I’ve rebuilt the database at startup too, but I still can’t open PQ3. I’ve submitted the auto generated reports that the PS5 creates when a game crashes.

Is anybody else experiencing this? If so, I hope the team are able to get a quick update out to resolve the issue.

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Are there any error messages that pop up?

Exact same thing on Xbox series X. I tried clearing cache, reinstalling etc

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Hi Jeto!

Only the Sony error code when you report the crash to Sony. I didn’t post that as I done quick search to see if anyone else reported this issue before me and noticed in another thread that you said that info wasn’t useful. Happy to post that info if you need it though?

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Try restarting your router (unplug for 10 seconds or so and plug it back in). Could do the same with the PS5, try turning it off and unplugging it while you restart the router.

No problem everyone, looks like the team has found the error on the backend and are investigating!

Reinstalling & etc will not resolve this one - hopefully will have more information asap.


:pray:t3: Awesome, thanks for picking this up super quick.

In case I get caught up and don’t get to post here again, I made this known issues article for any updates:


Same problem with me on Ps5;
Tried reinstalling but didn’t work

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Any update on this issue yet? So frustrating that my wife can play, but I cannot due to this bug.

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It’s the middle of the night in Australia. Devs won’t be in the office for a couple more hours to see these posts and correct this issue.

Well, if it helps with discovery, the only difference between my wife and my situation is that I bought the season 2.3 season pass, whereas my wife did not. Is anyone hitting this that did not buy the season pass?

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I didn’t buy the season pass and have the same problem. But I bought some currency few hours before the reset.
I just hope the guild doesn’t kick me because they require daily logins and I don’t know how to contact them

:frowning: A missed day of the quest pass points, no shop goodies either…and I hope I still get my daily crowns and the usual freebies when they fix the issue.

Sad. At least I still have it on my 2nd acc on iOS, but that’s not the one where I spend money. Hoping they can fix this today.

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Hey everyone, sorry I do not have any updates just yet on this issue or the others currently floating around the forum that have been reported since the 2.4 season started yesterday.

But just quickly, if you miss logging in, your Daily Crowns will be in your mail waiting for you! And this will be resolved before that mail is anywhere near expiring (it’s like 20+ days for mail to expire).

Cross posting for those who are blocked from playing PQ3

My issue is still not resolved - the game still crashes on launch every time on every console. Is there any info I can provide from my end?

Will my VIP pass be extended by the days I cannot play? The opportunity cost of this “outage” in terms of missed daily rewards, chest timers, daily shop deals, etc. is quite high. It is quite upsetting.


I think I have Season battles as favourite on iOS and game won’t start.

Same for me, battle Season in favorite, ans same Bug, i can’t play since Yesterday …

J’ai pu lancer le jeu enfin ! Par contre, aucune compensation, ce n’est pas normal… Très contrarié