2.4 Hotfix Update

Hey everyone,

Just making this thread so there is one place for everyone to check for the current major issues affecting PQ3.

This does not mean we aren’t looking into or resolving other bugs, these are just the priority at the moment.

At this stage there are 3 major issues we are working on (these affect all platforms):

The team is currently compiling builds for the 2.4 hotfix so they can be submitted to QA for testing before we can push them to live - which is why I have not been able to share any more updates as we are just waiting for the builds > to then submit them to QA.

This also means we do not need any further information or reports on these issues, so thank you all for sharing your name codes, platforms and videos/screenshots!

If you experience an issue that does not already have a thread, don’t hesitate to create one but please do not create any further threads about these issues.

In the meantime, each of these issues has its own Known Issues Help articles which you can follow for email notifications if you aren’t active on the forum:

Once these issues have been resolved we will be sending out compensation, at the same time we will also send the compensation for the Season Dungeons not rewarding the correct amount of Sesonal Currency reward.

In the meantime, we will be removing the Gong’s Song booster from the Adventure Shop as it is a part of some of these issues.

Again, once I have an update, I will post here instead of in each individual bug report thread.

Appreciate your patience as always, as I run around grabbing your reports and chasing them up with the team. :white_heart:


Another fix was released early for players experiencing the black background/unresponsive and potentially players who have been unable to ene launch PQ3

If you are still getting the black background, can you please comment below with your name code and platform/console.

If you are still unable to launch PQ3 entirely, can you also leave a comment with your name code, platform/console and just a small description of what is happening when you try to launch.

I do not have an update on the soft locked Adventures at this stage.

We are also removing the next Adventure until this has been resolved.

What do you mean by next Adventure?

Khazduli Expedition or The Savior’s Footsteps, or both?

Khazduli is already active, so Savior’s Footsteps has been removed.



It looks like we’re pretty clear to get the 2.4 Hotfix out to you folks tomorrow.
The update should start to roll out on all platforms from 00:00UTC (as normal).

If there’s any changes, we will let you know!


Another update!

The devs have now reverted the block for stopping the Season from being added as a favourite.
If you’re still unable to add Seasons as a favourite, just make sure you’ve updated to:


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Regarding Comp and Adventure Rescheduling:
We’re on it. :+1:

Will update you with the Whats, Whens, etc (hopefully) tomorrow. (We’ve got a few people out sick at the moment, so thank you for bearing with us! :grimacing:)

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Hi folks!

Will update you on when the Adventures are re-running ASAP, but we’re organising comp to go out (hopefully) today.

For players impacted by the issue with Seasonal Currency not being awarded the correct number of Risen Coins:

  • 10 Risen Coins Per Skirmish Battle and 12 Per Dungeon
    [EDIT: Initially I had written 300 Risen Coins. This was a typo. One of the devs spotted my mistake. Sorry!:grimacing::grimacing::grimacing:]

Mail will also be sent out globally for the issues with Adventure and Season access generally, which will include:

  • 75 Risen Coins
  • 100 Gems
  • 1 Khazdhuli Relic

I did spent 300 crowns for that 2 adventures to get unlimeted energy, I did spare keys too run them often, and both did break before second run.
So you really think that compensation is an appropriate compensation?
Its peanuts as usual.
Dont know why you always only are generous when you make your pixel product prices, seems you know the price of your time very well and its high
But seems our time is worth nothing.

I’d suggest you send a support ticket using zendesk. They have given out general compensation which is fine for 99% of people. But you are a unique case having spent crowns. Of course now it’s the weekend so they won’t get back to you until at least Monday.

They told me and everybody else no action needed or wanted, we even should not report the bug, cause its known, compensation peanuts will come automatically and they as usual did everything they could do … buisness as usual … why did i know in front that it again will be not the case and they will just throw out a bunch of crap you would have become anyways, if the game would have worked.

And no way for me to send a ticket, i am logged out of support cause i did not praise dev enough for his extraordinary outstanding and godly greed and instead told them how bad and amateurish the jobs they do are most time, normally not worth a dime.

So I have to complain here.

Adventures have been rescheduled:

  • Borderlands Bash: Re-Running 13th - 16th
  • Khazdhuli Expedition: 17th - 20th