[NOT A BUG] Dungeons can be launched in any difficulty regardless of previous progress

This might be a “working as designed feature”, but figured I’d point it out as a change in logic in 0.38

In v0.37 and earlier your Dungeon difficulty was set per Dungeon. If you beat Dragonguard to X, but Doomholt to V, the highest you could attempt on Doomholt would be VI (1 difficulty higher).

In v0.38 it is now possible to select any difficulty for any Dungeon and launch it.
The check to prevent launching multiple difficulty levels higher is no longer taking place (intended?)
On victory the Goal progress for that Dungeon only advances one tick, and not to the difficulty level beaten.

I had previously beaten Doomholt to difficulty V (highest with any character).
I launched it on Difficulty X and won.
Goal progress updated to recognise Difficulty VI had been beaten.

I launched it a second time on Difficulty X and won.
Goal progress updated to Difficulty VII had been beaten.

Should the game allowing launching any difficulty, or only +1 like before?
If you beat a given difficulty should the goal update to that level, or regardless it only goes up one tick?

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Google Pixel 6

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Previously beat Dungeon to Difficulty V. Was able to launch at Difficulty X and win. Goal only updated to VI completed.
I expected to be blocked from fighting anything higher than VI.
If I beat it on X I expect my goals to update to show I beat it on X.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Began with 0.38

Steps to make it happen again
Check Goals screen to make note of progress so far.
Go to Dungeons, select a dungeon and increase the difficulty several levels higher than you had beaten before. Win the battle and check Goals for progress.


So I will split this into the two points here, one being Dungeon goal progress and two, playing a Dungeon Difficulty you have not previously defeated.

With your goals, this is currently working as it should.
For example, if you had completed a Dungeon on Difficulty X straight after completing it on Hard and it did skip your goal all the way up to Difficulty X, while you have completed the highest difficulty, you in turn have not completed the Dungeon goals for the difficulties prior to this.
As the goal is tracking each Dungeon difficulty (per Dungeon) and not necessarily for completing up to Difficulty X.
I have shared this to the team as feedback, as someone who enjoys playing games on a harder difficulty to smash out 3 achievements at once, there is that expectation that if you have already completed it on the hardest difficulty, it is expected that it would progress the tracker up to that point.

As for Dungeon difficulty progress, it is now linked to the highest difficulty completed, across all the loot Dungeons.
So as you have mentioned, if you have beaten Dragonguard up to X, then all other loot Dungeons are now playable at that difficulty!
If you are able to beat a one loot Dungeon on Difficulty X, then you could probably beat them all at the same difficulty. This saves you grinding through each difficulty stage to get to X again, for every single Dungeon.
But you do need to defeat a Dungeon first before using Loot tickets.

Hope that was someone helpful!

Jeto - Support Human :woman_mage:t2:


I remember bringing this issue up a couple of patches ago and it looked like it wouldn’t be addressed based on your comments at the time so I did every difficulty for all 15 dungeons, on all five characters. Just think, all the players now will miss out on this joyful experience! :sob: :rofl:

EDIT: Just in case it’s unclear, I think this is a good change :grin: