[REPORTED] Cannot loot Difficulty X Dungeons using tickets even though we have completed them before 0.35

Platform, device and operation system
Android, Realme 7, Android 10

What were you expecting to happen, and what actually happened
Before 0.35 update, I have completed most difficulty X dungeons using my heroes.
Before 0.35 update, I could loot them using tickets without issues.
After 0.35 update, I CANNOT loot ALMOST ALL of Difficulty X Dungeons using tickets.
It is as if the game now thinks that I haven’t completed those difficulty X dungeons manually.
Another player in the kingdom mentioned about this issue and he has the same problem too.
Is this intentional or a bug?
Because it means that we have to beat those Diff. X Dungeons again using our heroes before we can use our dungeon tickets - which may be more difficult to do now in the current system.

Not all the players have the spells & gears to beat these Diff. X dungeons at the moment.
So if they have beaten these dungeons before they should be able to use their dungeon loot tickets (if they have them).

If the devs on one side honor and reward the players who upgraded their items before 0.35 by upgrading the rarity level according to the level (which means the devs honor their pre 0.35 progress related to items) - and even reward them with free evolve (which in current system is almost miraculous to do because relics are impossible to be found in game),
I believe the devs should also honor the players’ progress related to dungeons.

How often does this happen? When did it begin happening?
Consistent in the game after 0.35 update.

Steps to make it happen again
Use Dungeon Loot Tickets for any Difficulty X Dungeon which actually had been completed by the hero before 0.35 update. The game will notify that we haven’t completed the dungeon.

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Confirmed but for me it happened on 6 of 15 dungeons which all of a sudden “dropped” and I had to rerun.

@EliteMasterEric suggested it could have something to do with the new difficulty “easy” shifting stuff.


It has happened to me on 2 dungeons where I dropped a dungeon level. Azurite halls and Clockwork Halls. Went from 4 to 3 and 3 to 2 respectively

Assumed this was intended to make sure people can still do max difficulty on the new system. Luckily, it is still pretty much just as easy as before, just slightly slower. XD

Resourceful players will be able to do so.
It’s just a tour of 75 dungeons again.
But I’m quite certain some players are struggling to complete dungeons which had been beaten before due to the new system.
That’s why I ask is this intentional or a bug?
And I also present my argument above where if the devs honor players’ progress on items on one hand (and reward them with free evolve), they should also honor players’ progress on dungeons on the other side.

And looking at @Marin 's situation above, I think it’s not intended and more likely it’s due to the introduction of “easy” level as mentioned by @Elric and @EliteMasterEric.

I really hope this is a bug and not intended. I’ve been locked out of lvl 50 dungeons with tickets which are nearly impossible for me to beat now with the new spell changes.

Hopefully, we can get clarification on what’s happening, for now, I’m hoarding my dungeon tickets.

Hoarding is a good idea anyways till you can beat difficulty x. Not that chest contents have been carefully compared between level 50 and 100 chests but hey.

I get that thinking but if I kept hoarding it would be so slow to even get to to X. I managed to scrape by on skirmish to X but can’t even do dungeons at 50 now. :frowning:

So in short hoarding feels like it would be a huge block in trying to farm shards. Not to mention level 100 chests have higher level shards than I need.

Anyhoo, I just want to use tickets in normal.

I’ve passed this on to the team.

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Is there any update on this?

Not at this time. It’s in the system but nothing to report back yet.

OK, thanks for letting me (and everyone) know